JUNO Nominated Genre Bending Children’s Artist Beppie Delivers Infectious Melodies And Good Energies With New Single “Great Day” Off New Album

Packed to the brim with positive vibes and infectious melody, Edmonton’s Beppie is poised to claim her JUNO Award and Grammy this year following the release of her newest album – Nice To Meet You, featuring songs like “Great Day” – check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi8EXEaDdl4&feature=youtu.be

JUNO and WCMA Nominee Beppie is no stranger to a good time. Funneling all of her positive energy and worldly inspirations into a catchy and unforgettable album feels like a small feat for this genre-bending family-friendly musician.

Driven by the passion that comes with motherhood, Beppie delivers kind-hearted productions that paint fantastical worlds welcome to all for exploration. Children’s entertainers Team T&J call Beppie’s newest release “a creative journey with quirky, clever lyrics, that paint the most colorful images in your mind of the stories she tells.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5ElOGf3PQ3sce6yCmNrI7C?si=0dc357152f774e02&nd=1

While storytelling is a driving force behind the Beppie movement, there is particularly satisfying attention to detail when it comes to the production side of things. Hailed across the board for her mixes, “Great Day” is another addition to a musically flawless catalog of upbeat and family-friendly music.

Kerry Gogan of GoKerryGo Productions calls Beppie’s newest release “a HELL OF A RECORD,” adding “the musicality is 100%, SONGS are appealing to every generation – and the mix is sonically perfect.”

“Great Day” is the lead-off track for Beppie’s newest album, Nice To Meet You – a 10-song compilation introducing youth to a refreshing array of musical genres. Featuring jazz, pop, rock, and indie genres, there is plenty of family-friendly fun tightly packed into Beppie’s explosive new album.

Media specialists Believe Agency share their thoughts on Beppie’s newest album, saying;

“WOW! Nice to meet YOU! How FUN are you! WISH we had more like you. Beautiful voice and great lyrics make me sing with you as I visualize yesteryear that we ALL journey through. What Mom or Dad wouldn’t want this played way up as they drive to and fro?”

Beppie is the elaborate brainchild of one Stephanie Nhan, an Edmonton resident looking to push the boundaries of children’s music. She hit the children’s music scene in 2017 with her debut album, There’s a Song Inside Me. Since then, she has released four more full-length albums receiving two WCMA nominations and a JUNO nomination. Her multi-genre music is refreshingly modern, fun, and innovative. She pushes the boundaries of children’s music to appeal to audiences of all ages with radio-quality production, humor, and unique listening experiences.

A music educator by trade, Stephanie provides programming and performances for schools, festivals, and libraries. She is a new member of the 2022 Recording Academy Class and has recently signed on with Platoon (Apple Music) to release her latest album, Nice to Meet You. The inspiration for her music comes from her three young children who sing and compose with her at home every day.