The Frost Duo Lead Us on a Slow, Slinky Journey of Seduction with’70s/’80s-Influenced “To Be With You”

Sometimes you just want to be taken on an unhurried, mellow journey of seduction, and Scranton, PA-based The Frost Duo deliver with their ‘70s/’80s-influenced smooth-jazz ballad “To Be With You” off their new LP Play Nice – check it out on YouTube here:

 Singer LeahBeth Evans’ voice slinks and shimmies through the backdrop of warm analog keyboards and velvety jazz guitar as she boldly inquires, “Can you tell me what you’re doing tonight/ Can you tell me what you’re doing next year/ Cuz I need to be with you.” And it’s hard not to melt, and succumb completely to the song’s charms, when she starts to sing about fearlessly taking a leap of faith – “Well, you know I’m not afraid to pursue/ A love greater than imagined and true.”

Listen on Spotify here:

“To Be With You” is included on the duo’s five-song EP Play Nice, a sonic rollercoaster of emotion. From a lyrical aspect, Play Nice takes the listener not only through the consciousness of the composers LeahBeth Evans and Christian Gratz themselves, but it also introduces us to the friends and acquaintances who have filled Evans’ and Gratz’s  ears with their own experiences of finding love and experiencing loss, anger, and even impending doom from the recent global crisis we’ve all experienced. From a sonic aspect, Play Nice is a celebration of the duo’s love of smooth jazz, traditional compositions, and even rock music. They will be embarking on a small tri-state tour in support of the EP, and dates are as follows:

October 29, 2022             The Hotel Hershey                      Hershey, PA

October 30, 2022             Ad Lib inside Hilton Harrisburg   Harrisburg, PA

November 19, 2022         Crystal Springs Resort                 Hamburg, NJ

December 3, 2022            Lackawanna Winterfest               Scranton, PA

December 31, 2022          Skytop Lodge                              Skytop, PA

 The Frost Duo consists of multi-instrumentalist and composer Christian Gratz and lead vocalist/songwriter LeahBeth Evans. In 2015, LeahBeth and Christian met through mutual Facebook friends and began corresponding about their love of music. Soon, they began casually dating, and after about a month, Christian invited LeahBeth to sing a few songs at a gig he booked in Dunmore, PA, at an Italian restaurant called Russell’s. After the night was finished, the owner requested that the two perform twice a week for the rest of the summer, and they agreed. After that regular gig, the two lovers decided that the sky was the limit, and that they would continue to make beautiful music together.

Throughout the years, the duo has performed at some prestigious and renowned American venues, including Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Club Macanudo in New York City, and the Crystal Springs Resort. After years of traveling, The Frost Duo decided that they wanted to dive deeper into their love for smooth jazz, and so they began writing and recording. Since then, they have had recordings land on the iTunes jazz charts and the BDS/Neilson Smooth Jazz “Most Added” listings.