Toronto’s Award Winning Artist Harriet Chung Musically Unveils a Fiery, Ill-Fated Romance with a “Place For Dreams”

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The fire of passion and desire is perhaps no more evident in a dance form than it is in flamenco. The famous, entrancing Spanish dance has been deemed part of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage for its spirited incorporation of poetry, singing or cante, specific flamenco style guitar and the dance movements themselves.  It’s much more than a dance style and a perfect way for international award winning, multi-disciplinary singer-songwriter, actor and dancer Harriet Chung to present her songwriting debut, “Place for Dreams”.

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A captivating tale of love and loss conveyed through the rhythmic hand claps and percussive guitar that are hallmarks of flamenco, “Place For Dreams” is an ideal showcase for Chung to channel her own creative fire.

“The song is a passionate confession about an ill-fated romance,” explains the Toronto-based, Hong Kong-born artist. “It takes you on a passionate ride to infamy.”

The place for dreams lie in one’s heart

The life we lead tears them all apart

A veteran, multi-honoured theatre performer, Chung shines with her dramatic vocal delivery of the song’s tragic storyline, propelled along by Warren Robert’s melodic flamenco guitar flourishes. “Place For Dreams” pits the star-crossed lovers in a struggle in the space between romance and regret.

I can’t erase your tempting grace

But this must end without a trace

I want to be just you and me

My soul tells me we cannot be

Will these lovers succumb to their perceived fate or find everlasting happiness somewhere in the “Place For Dreams”? Only Harriet Chung knows that answer before you listen through to her fourth single and third release so far in 2022.

Harriet Chung’s debut single “A World Away (Remix)”, released in 2021, won Best Original Song at the Hollywood Gold Awards, and its music video has won 10 Best Music Video awards from film festivals around the world. She has appeared in many musical theatre productions, including The Phantom of the Opera (Toronto), Cats (Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, and Golden Lotus, for which she has received numerous awards and nominations for Best Actress on both stage and screen for her portrayal of the titular role.

As an accomplished “triple-threat” performer — singer, actress, and dancer/choreographer — Chung has the innate ability to connect with audiences on many levels. She was Canada’s first Asian actress to be cast in The Phantom of the Opera and has also appeared in Cats (in Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, Fiddler on Fire, and more. She shares her expertise, experience, and love for her crafts with students from all over the world through her school – Harriet Chung Performing Arts (HCPA).