13-Year-Old Seattle Guitar Nikhil Bagga Releases ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ On Same Day As Seattle Mariners National Anthem Appearance

Coming off the success of his breakthrough debut, rising star, and teenage guitar phenom Nikhil Bagga shines with the performance of a lifetime and a grungy new single about unapologetically walking away from toxic relationships with the emotional track “Sorry Not Sorry” – check it out on YouTube here: 


Charisma and charm effortlessly ooze from the 13-year-old music sensation as he enraptures audiences with his electric new single just in time for a career-defining performance in front of countless viewers at the Seattle Mariners vs Yankees baseball game tonight. “There is nothing more American than baseball in the summer, and to be able to play the National Anthem is a dream come true.” Audiences will witness a unique rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner as Nikhil Bagga continues to captivate with his passionate artistry.

“Sorry Not Sorry” is the latest musical effort from Nikhil Bagga, one of the best and brightest artists of tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of sonic expression at such a young age. The single is laced with reverb-drenched bluesy guitar work and a fearless command of the voice. Bagga’s visceral sound transports listeners with the assistance of a spell-binding guitar solo that makes the hairs on your arms stand.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6VtZF9QFpuhtqU6qowGnzQ

The energy of “Sorry Not Sorry” as a ballad for the broken-hearted is transmitted through washed-out guitars that sound of another era and Bagga’s deeply mature vocal delivery channeling the despair that seems way beyond his years.

“I’m stuck in purple haze

I’m done with all these games

I need you to see what I became

You left me in the ashes but here I remain.”

Nikhil Bagga made the conscious decision to pick up the guitar at nine years old so that he could emulate his favorite artists. What started out as a curiosity quickly expanded into his first live performance busking cover songs on his 10th birthday in San Diego.

Bagga’s ambition and drive at a young age would pay off as he performed at the SMASH Seattle “Songs of Hope” Benefit, the Big Table Benefit supporting restaurant workers impacted by COVID, Russell Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation, and a Seattle Kraken game. With a gift for playing by ear and a passion for melodic exploration, he spent the early days of the pandemic sharing a song a day with his fans, covering artists spanning the pop and rock canon.

It wouldn’t be long before Bagga started writing original songs for his debut feature. Recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge Studios with producer Eric Lilavois (Ayron Jones, Saint Motel, Island Apollo), Bagga released his debut full-length recording, “Leap of Faith,” in the spring of 2022 to much fanfare. Armed with a harmonic sophistication and a voice that will age like fine wine, Nikhil Bagga is at the frontier of musical composition and serves as an inspiration for artists of all ages.