Singer-Songwriter Rose Ranger Summons “Power” in Her Confessions with Release of New Single 

A sincerely raw tale of self-summoning and speaking truth to those who abuse their authority, Canadian singer/songwriter mainstay Rose Ranger’s new single summons all her pop “Power” and then some. And arriving fresh from her sixth studio album release, Confessions.

“‘Power’ is about justice and finally standing up for oneself; to speak your own truth,” Rose shares. “It’s about how pain can be transformed into power and empowerment from the oppressive forces that want to keep us down and dim our light.”

The message is raw and clear-cut, as are some truths that cut people down off their high horses; “Power” conveys a sense of vulnerability, as Rose Ranger breaks free from a cruel tyrant. Lyrically, the track hits a lot of sore spots while gently soothing open wounds with words of reassurance and empowerment. 

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Rose’s vocals add to the symbolism of the lyrics: feeling powerful and ready to break the cycle — yet held back, almost anxious to confront such a tremendous task.

‘My pain is my power / My love is a tower / My truth is gunpowder / My strength is a flower.’

“As they say, power can be used for good over evil,” the Vancouver-based artist muses. “It can be used for positive change or misused and abused; this song illustrates both. 

“I think almost everyone anywhere in the world can relate to being mistreated at some point in their life,” she continues. “With that, I think this song was living somewhere in my head and heart for about a decade, but I couldn’t speak about it.”

Hailing from Vancouver’s North Shore, Rose Ranger’s resume consists of multiple singles produced for television and single radio airplay — plus a plethora of songwriting awards. Multi-talented, she has studied dance, voice and choir, theatre and film acting, creative writing, psychology, philosophy, women’s studies, and neuroscience at The University of British Columbia, Cap U, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and in private classes. 

Within her music, Rose’s roster of releases continue to deliver lush odes to self-discovery alongside subtle yet profound observations around moments of life. 

“I just try to write from an honest place, whether the song is autobiographical, about someone else, or entirely fictional…” she explains of her process. “Either way, it has to feel honest.” 

It’s with this sense of transparent songwriting that “Power” arrives alongside Confessions — Rose’s sixth studio album, and 20 years since her breakthrough debut, 2022’s Replies. Weaving themes of resiliency, finding strength in vulnerability, love, and pain, all the way to self-empowerment, and hope, Confessions was produced by Rose Ranger and JUNO Award-winner Ryan Stewart. 

“For me, I found inspiration in telling it like it is and not candy coating the truth after going through personal and family tragedies…” she reveals of the deeply personal lens through which she wrote. “Writing can be cathartic, with each word offering a glimmer of light at the end of some very dark tunnels.”

“Metaphorically speaking, the album starts in an alley and ends on the autobahn…”

“It’s about being compassionate with both yourself and others because everyone is going through something you probably have no clue about,” she continues. “It’s about finding your inner hero and holding onto that metaphor inside us all.”

“Hang out with your allies in life; don’t waste your life on the people, situations, or environments that try to take you down or drain your life force,” Rose Ranger insists. “Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve to go for what you want in your life.”

“It’s worth it.” 

And with that lands real, raw personal “Power.” 

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