Canadian Alt-Rocker Siobamm Fires Up the “Meat Machine” with New Single

 The roller derby rockstar from the 6ix is blowing out the speakers with the latest entry in her rock and roll repertoire; Siobamm’s new single “Meat Machine” – check it out on YouTube here:

 Acquiring management by Canada’s rock darling Bif Naked and Peter Karroll, Siobamm continues to blast her own path in the independent rock alternative community with her powerhouse vocals and undeniable songwriting and production skills. 

Siobamm’s musical career was birthed from isolation caused by the pandemic, and the Roller Derby enthusiast found herself with the time to focus her attention on writing, recording and producing. By 2021, she had fully completed her self-produced debut EP, Gloom Patrol. Comprised of goth alternative undertones, laced with rock and roll and pop melodies, the four-song-strong album set the course for Siobamm’s foray into becoming music’s newest, and brightest rockstar. 

“After my long-distance relationship ended in late 2020, I decided to focus on myself and my own creative goals for the remainder of the pandemic,” Siobamm explains. “I far prefer meeting people in person, and online dating can be really stressful and hard, so I swore off dating and sex until I finished my creative projects for myself.”

“Meat Machine” lands as a “post-punk story of a bisexual woman emerging from quarantine, on the prowl for physical connection.” It drives out of the gates with pulsating percussion, matched solely by the vulnerabilities in Siobamm’s authentic lyricism, sung in her ubiquitous vocal prowess. The song is equal parts rock, as it is sexy and alluring. 

Referring to “Meat Machine” as her “horny hymn,” Siobamm says the song is a prose on feeling prepared to give dating another try. “I wrote it in the summer of 2021 when I started to seek out physical and emotional intimacy again in a post-vaccinated Toronto,” she reveals. “Interacting with men again in intimate and sexual ways after not doing so for a while was a bit of a mental adjustment. Even though I’m queer, engaging in heterosexual culture is strange. This track is me owning my bisexual thirstiness, while also accepting my physical insecurities. The best sex happens when participants are vulnerable, so I created a song reflecting on some of my weird body fixations and asking ‘who wants to fuck?’. I feel like years of being very forward in gay relationships has made me very blunt and not afraid to ask for what I want.”

And on the musical forefront, Siobamm continues to deliver on what her audiences are yearning for: good, old-fashioned rock and roll, flexed by modern flair and matched with smart lyrics and exciting vocals. 

The track acts and reacts threefold: getting the sound you want, with the narrative you understand, while coercing you to fist bump and air guitar the entire track through. 

All in all, Siobamm dares you to fire up the “Meat Machine” once and for all.he

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