Charlottetown Rockers the Pearly Gates Say “There’s a Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)”

Charlottetown rockers The Pearly Gates have burst wide open with love lost on their newest single, “There’s A Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)” – check it out on Spotify here:

The East Coast-based four-piece comprised of Mark Palmer (vocals, guitar), Colin Buchanan (guitar, vocals), Roger Carter (drums), and Chris Francis (bass) sings the score on a familiar fable, uniquely delivered in their unmistakable sonic offering: a modern twist on 60s rock nostalgia. “There’s A Black Hole” juxtaposes an uptempo jangly dance party with melancholic lyrics.

“I liked the idea of writing a song about a bad relationship I had been in with a dark lyrical theme,” explains Palmer, adding “accompanied by a sunny happy chord progression and sing-along cheerful melody.” 

Musing that much of his lyrical content and inspiration for songwriting is inspired by various snapshots of his life, Palmer reflectively recalls penning this track while on the East Coast with his father. “I came up with the melody for the verses while lobster fishing with my father,” he recalls. “I put in long days on the boat doing repetitive work and spend most of the time writing songs in my head. Writing lyrics, working out the melody, and repeating it over and over in hopes of not forgetting anything by the time I get home to add the music to what I produced.”

Pearly Gates is an indie supergroup from Prince Edward Island’s capital city, a formation of veteran rockers from a variety of musical journeys. The group formed during the early portion of the pandemic in 2020 and found their niche performing music that was equally reminiscent of “tweed and tubes” as it is chock full of sarcasm and satire, to both the band’s amusement and their audience’s adoration of their sound. 

“‘There’s a Black Hole’ was recorded during a snowstorm with very little heat, and no internet at the height of Covid cases hitting PEI; there was a certain irony with how difficult the recording process was for such a happy sounding song,” Palmer laughs. 

The second single for Pearly Gates, “There’s A Black Hole”, was produced by Ian Romano largely by phone throughout the session and recorded as a part of Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program. 

With a juke and jive that’ll compel you to don your go-go boots with your blue eyeshadow, Pearly Gates creates a sonic throwback to a time of flower power and bellbottoms. “There’s A Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be” is just far out enough to be a groovy addition to your current playlist. 

And that’s what makes it a classic. 

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