Canadian Pop-Rock Virtual Concept Artist Priz Em Soars Through the Galaxy at Love’s “First Kiss”

On the fringe of the Mega Centarri cluster, in their own galaxy not so far away, war has all but consumed the blue planet Zederth and, after 1,000 years of peace and harmony, virtual diva Priz Em and her lover, musician/scientist Prin Jori Merkanteel, are forced to go to battle — not only with an unseen enemy but also with each other. So goes the tale for Canadian pop-rock virtual concept artist Priz Em and their new single, “First Kiss” – check it out on Spotify here:

 It’s a fantastical story of grace, love, perseverance, and grace under pressure; no matter the fiction, the reality of relationships faced with grim circumstances is tied to the human experience and, for Priz Em and Merkanteel (aka Stray Horn), their journey is faced with even further dire consequences as they attempt to hold onto one another while trying to save the world they know and love. 

While Priz Em joins audiences from a fantasy world, the music is nothing short of real, raw, and authentic. Bringing Priz Em to life are Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson of SA TrackWorks as the project’s visionary producers and musicians — with her vocals performed by Kat. The songwriters behind Priz Em’s music are credited as Sean Tyla, Bruce Irvine, Merlin Rhys Jones, Jack Gunderson, and Kathy Irvine. 

First emerging onto the scene in 2018 with the breakthrough track, “Burning Bridges,” Priz Em has released four follow-up singles — including 2020’s “Heartless” and this month’s “FIrst Kiss.” 

The care, time, and attention to backlogging, cataloging, and designing the virtual diva is nothing short of a masterpiece, whisking Priz Em from page to screen in one sweeping motion; in addition to Priz Em’s music available across digital streaming platforms, the Mega Centarri universe is chronicled through graphic novels hosted by ComiXology and Amazon. 

As a dream willed into reality by her creators, Priz Em has become the centerpiece of a new era in creating an artist — especially with virtual reality on the rapid rise. While the concept of perfecting a holographic figure of a musician is not a new concept, completely designing an entity from thought to actuality is a testament to the sheer level of commitment by the project’s Vancouver, British Columbia-based developers. 

And as for Priz Em herself, expect the virtual diva to begin gracing the stages in 2022. She is, of course, a star among clusters in The World Mega Centarri… 

And we’re here for the show.

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