Fifty Two Years Ago – Let It Be and Instant Karma

Submitted by Rob Durkee

Fifty two (yes, 52) years ago, April 11, 1970, this was the new #1 new song in the USA…(well, the 2009 remastered version)…

Sadly and ironically, the day “Let It Be” became the 19th #1 single for the Beatles was the day after the world found out that the Fab Four was breaking up. The Beatles would subsequently have their 20th and final #1 with “The Long And Winding Road” later.

We should’ve known better that the end was near for the Beatles since this was the #3 song in the USA at this time in 1970…

The single and album versions of “Let It Be” were different. According to Fred Bronson, John Lennon (lead guitar), George Harrison (bass guitar) and Ringo Starr (drums) play their normal instruments while Billy Preston plays the organ.  On the album version, violins and a chorus are added as that version was produced by Phil Spector.

We would continue to hear the Beatles on their own throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. All four solo Beatles had Top 40 hits at the same time in late 1974. The year before, “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth” by George Harrison would replace “My Love” by Wings at #1. George would also account for the first (“My Sweet Lord”) and last (“Got My Mind Set On You”) solo Beatle #1 hit.