Chicago’s Sarantos Assures That “Love ALWAYS Wins!” in New LGBTQIA+ Single

Award-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarantos delivers the positive vibes and messages we all need with his effortlessly charming new single, “Love ALWAYS Wins!” – check it out on YouTube here:

The inspirational song embeds an unapologetic call to action for justice and equal LGBTQIA+ rights within a lively tune radiating with energy. According to Sarantos, the song’s objective is simple: “to bring awareness to the struggle LGBTQIA+ individuals go through daily.”

Deceptively intricate bass lines and a laid-back percussive style set the stage for catchy lyrics and a distinct musical aesthetic that stands out from the rest of the pack.

“We all wanna live in Mayberry but we just don’t                
Life’s black n’ white then color                                      
We hold on together never let go                                    
We beg the world to love us but we know                                      
There’s no love without pain no love without rain
No one’s ever a saint and love, love is never the same”

Showing love to The Windy City in his exceptional music video, Sarantos visually communicates his message with beautiful cinematography and humanistic imagery that tells a story of hope. The music video showcases the colourful landscapes of the first officially recognized gay village in the United States, Boystown Chicago.

“Love ALWAYS Wins!” is the latest song in a vast repertoire of upbeat music from an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. The bold and dynamic approach Sarantos has taken with his music has garnered GRAMMY considerations, several top-ten songs on the independent music charts, and frequent radio play on several stations around the world — all without the assistance of promotors or a record label.

Having got his start in music in the 4th grade, Sarantos is on a mission to bring his art to the masses with an unparalleled work ethic resulting in a vast collection of original music and literature; his undying love and obsession with music have manifested into 4,000 original songs over the span of his writing career.

The countless artistic accolades bestowed upon Sarantos have not affected his drive to uplift listeners while drawing attention to important social issues. Putting his money where his mouth is, Sarantos donates a portion of all proceeds to a number of charitable organizations with the hopes of inspiring other artists to do the same.

Sarantos channels the love of his father who passed in 2010 due to lung cancer, to remind listeners of the preciousness of life through song, and to make the world a better place for all.

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