Ottawa Queer Christian Pop Artist Danah-Lee Shakes Off Shame & Fear in Affirming “Home to Myself”

Submitted by Sandy Graham

The way back to God, or to one’s religion, is often found first by finding a way to be true to oneself. With that, Canadian Christian pop artist Danah-Lee pulls back the curtain on such a journey in her cello-studded, piano-infused new single, “Home To Myself” – check it out on YouTube here:

Arriving ahead of the artist’s forthcoming new album, Made In The Image — coming this Spring — ”Home To Myself”s chorus is simple but powerful and heartfelt: “I’m coming home to myself.”

And the process of coming home is one the Ottawa Valley, ON-based artist knows personally, having struggled with her sexuality in the context of her faith.

“For years, I grappled with being a Queer within the Church, and carried tremendous guilt – eventually deciding to stop worshipping God through song, because I did not feel worthy as a Queer,” she shares. “After choosing to love myself as a child of God, I rediscovered my faith and I believe there is a place for everyone in the kingdom of God.”

“Home To Myself” begins with bell-like piano and vocals that cascade like clear water. Introspective cello joins the mix, along with warm, honeyed harmonies blending Danah-Lee’s crystalline vocals with the rich, deeper tones of backing singer Jeremy Hardy.

The song’s message is of having abandoned oneself, only to journey back and become stronger than before:

Oh bring me some freedom
Bring me some ease
Decades of loneliness imprisoned in fear  
Bring me some freedom
Bring me some peace

Danah-Lee is a Contemporary Christian/LGBTQ musician, producer, award-winning music educator, entrepreneur, and author. Outside of her strong faith in Christ as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and outside of her career as an artist, Danah owns and operates a safe and inclusive music school. She was recently nominated for LouderThanTheMusic’s “Christian Album of the Year” and the “Impact Award” at Ottawa’s Capital Music Awards.  She has released three solo albums and two collaboration albums and has toured extensively throughout North America.

As a Christian artist, she does not fit the traditional mold because of her existence within the marginalized LGBTQ community. It is Danah’s hope to merge Christian ideals and a Queer existence into her music. The intention is to inform, engage, educate, and open doors.

The cross-community collaboration as a Queer and Christian has the power, potency, and potential to bring change to both the Christian community and the Queer community.  After all, the premise of Christianity is LOVE. Her previous album, These Are A Few of My Favourite Hymns is a rekindling of her favorite songs, stemming back from her time as a youth in the church.

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