Bara Jonson and Free Raise Awareness with New Video and Single TIRO II (Time Is Running Out)

Submitted by Don Graham
Cover Photo Credit: Malin Landgren

As early as the 1970s, voices began to be raised in awareness of that “time is running out”, to try to prevent future environmental and climate change. These early TIROs were followed by more and louder voices, generation after generation; x, y and z. Their voices created a chorus, then a new wave of influences and now it is a storm warning with this powerful expression that is heard from all possible directions, contexts and from all parts of our world!

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Bara Jonson and Free Raise Awareness with New Video and Single TIRO II (Time Is Running Out)

TIROs is a force of youth, our future, who are at the forefront on this mission, to the annoyance and self-pity of many adults.

BjF joins this movement, these TIROs, in sympathy and support for these brave young people who do the job that we adults should have done a long time ago and has tapped into this primordial force with their new energetic, almost electric up-tempo dance song.  A song in BjF’s typical Crockpop style. (Coutry / Rock / Pop)

February 18, Bara Jonson and Free has released their brand-new song TIRO II (Time Is Running Out).

The song is accompanied by a video, inspired by Greta Thunberg and which was released in connection with COP21 and Greta’s statement there: “Time Is Running Out” ! The video also includes a parallel Moana-inspired story about saving Mother Earth. Same thing but from a different perspective.

​Signed to a Canadian management company Entertainment Music Group (EMG) based on the attention garnered from their song ‘Hello Newfoundland’ which held a #1 position for 8 straight weeks on the international charts due to their extended Canadian fan base.  This led to a Showcase spot at the legendary MIDEM Festival in Cannes, France and the nomination of Best Indie International Artist category at Indie Week in Toronto while appearing at a Cashbox Canada Showcase performance. 

The duo has become a frequent feature on the live stages around Sweden. Their tours have also reached into Denmark, Holland, Germany, UK and Canada. Bara Jonson and Free were excited to perform at the official MIDEM showcase at Morrison’s on June 6th, 2019. They were scheduled back in 2020 but due to the Corona outbreak it was postponed.

They were also scheduled to return to perform in Canada at CMW, Indie Week and at Live at Heart Newfoundland in 2020. The pandemic has pushed these forwards in time.  

In 2021 Bara Jonson and Free had the privilege to perform at Musikhjälpen and  are performing in  Norrköping, February 2022 for Future Echoes where they will release their single TIRO II.

‘Sky Is The Limit’ will be the duos third album and is expected to be released during 2022 The album is finished and they are only waiting for the right release window to open.

Producer also this time is the acclaimed Amir Aly, Yla Studios, Sweden. Mastering by legendary Björn Englemann, CuttingRoom.

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Bara Jonson and Free is Malin Östh, Jonas Tancred

Label: Indie

Management: Peter Åstedt/MusicHelp, Sandy Graham/EMG (Entertainment Music Group)