Canadian R&B Annabel Oreste Reimagines Timeless Classic in New Release of “Body And Soul”

Showcasing her powerhouse prowess for R&B, Montreal singer/songwriter Annabel Oreste and her inimitable soaring vocals channel Anita Baker’s classic with the release of new single and video for “Body And Soul” — watch it here:

While her music warrants adoration in and of itself, Oreste has captivated the hearts and support of Canadians during her participation on the popular reality TV series, Star Acadamie, in 2021. In fact, a quick Google search of the name drums up a plethora of results. Showcasing her vocal talent and range via Sia’s “Bird Set Free” and Peggy Lee’s “Fever”, Oreste successfully demanded the attention and affection of an entire nation.

Riding the momentum from her success on Star Acadamie, Annabel Oreste was featured in a TedxWaterStreet talk, performing Ed Sheeran’s “Make it Rain”; she was then invited to the performance by Mike Jean, signed by MLife Music Group, and expanded her network to include industry legend Humberto Gatica, Kenn Hicks, who is now her vocal coach, The Fugees’ Jerry Wonda, with whom she’s soon to enter the studio with, and singer/songwriter Denise Rich, with whom she’s set to be collaborating with for songwriting.

All these fantastic performances highlight everything that Annabel Oreste stands for as a musician and performing artist: incredibly lush, immersive musical productions and vocal arrangements.

With a style that is both melodic and catchy, complementing her powerhouse vocals with a fresh modern edge, Oreste possesses an uncanny talent for conveying massive amounts of information via her body language and eye contact that is present through all her performances. Couple her dreamy and sultry vocal style with her governing stage presence, and you’ve got a powerful recipe for success.

Every bit of Annabel Oreste’s musical experience and prowess culminates itself in her newest release, “Body And Soul.” No stranger to performing cover songs with her own personal twist on the original arrangement, Oreste often finds her vocal style compared to R&B legends such as Celine Dion, Adele, and Whitney Houston, which makes sense when listening to her cover of “Body And Soul.”

However, it’s the unique modernized riffage and vocalization that Annabel Oreste throws into her performances that really re-sells this timeless arrangement, and helps Oreste connect with her audience. When you pair her alluring and warm vocal performance with the ability to tell a story via body language, it is almost impossible to step away.

Annabel Oreste reflects on the production of “Body And Soul,” saying “My motto when making a video is: ‘Make me feel what you feel’. It always reminds me how important it is to find ways to evoke change in my viewers so they can relate and connect with [my] message. The video shows how I express myself through my eyes and ears while also attempting to reach a level of engagement that absorbs the listener.”

It is only a heavily anticipated matter of time before Annabel Oreste starts her own musical journey. While we keep our eyes peeled for original releases from the artist, there are plenty of soulful covers to enjoy in the meantime.

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