Pop-Rockers Patrick McCormack and Eric Warner Serving up a Macaroni Birthday “Dessert First”

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It’s the magic words every kid, and the kid in all of us, wants to hear: Canadian family pop-rockers Macaroni Birthday are serving up a heaping portion of “Dessert First” with this, their debut single. 

Check out “Dessert First” here: https://youtu.be/Ln4jST8_R2w

Friends for two decades, singers/songwriters Patrick McCormack and Eric Warner have come together as the fresh, new, exciting, and upbeat voices of children’s entertainment in the form of Macaroni Birthday. The pair fuse their love of rock music, with the hilarity of children’s themed music that’s bound to endear parents as it entertains kids.

And there’s an album coming soon; Macaroni Birthday Time is set to be available this October. Bursting with songs that are punch-driven, light-hearted electric rock riffs mingled with silly themes and even sillier lyrics, (yes, they say “booger” on “My Body Is So Loud Today”),  Macaroni Birthday leave it all on the tracks.

The 15-track song LP is chock full of odes to the nagging responsibility of eating vegetables, or having to take a bath. The eponymous lead track is an invitation to the party of the century — akin to your parents surprising you with the McDonald’s caboose with fifteen of your closest friends.

Produced by Feurd, and mastered by Noah Mintz, Eric and Patrick share writing creds on the album — with the help of Jonathan Richman on “I’m A Little Dinosaur”. The colourful illustration gracing the cover is the creativity of Bryan Neufeld and features a dancing macaroni noodle, complete with Corey Hart-esque Wayfarers.

In a land of The Wiggles and Splash ‘n Boots, firmly footed on a foundation planted by the Sharon, Lois & Bram’s and the Fred Penner’s, Macaroni Birthday encapsulate all the fun of music for littles.

A record you can press play on, and let it roll through, the tunes are quick, fun, catchy, and short. From just a mere thirty seconds on some, to less than three minutes on others, Macaroni Birthday understand the assignment: create ditties that kids will love, and time it to the length of their attention.

“Whether it’s tackling the (not so) age old conundrum of which to eat first, your salad or dessert, trying to escape the dreaded bath time or learning to feel confident with yourself, Macaroni Birthday delivers positive messaging wrapped in a delicious and humorous rock and roll form for young viewers,” the group says.

From “Meatball Sundae” to “Going to the Zoo”, Macaroni Salad manage to interpolate the mundanity of everyday life and set it to a supersonic tongue-in-cheek soundtrack meant for laughs, and for dancing; for a time where parents and kids can press play together.

As the duo set on path to promote the album and all its zaniest, wackiest and ultimately funniest story telling time, be prepared to be invited to the party. The party where we are the guests, but the hosts are the ones bringing the presents. 

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