Delyn Grey Stakes Claim to Passion & Purpose in New Single, “Set Me Free”

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Continuing to break barriers and make waves within the rock and alt-pop world, Delyn Grey boldly stakes claim to her passions and purpose on this, her new single, “Set Me Free”.

Watch and listen to “Set Me Free” here:

“This song is a release; it’s relief and empowerment,” she shares of the track. “It’s ‘moving forward’ and ‘getting it done.’”

It’s a sentiment that hits close to home for the Bif Naked-managed singer, songwriter, and production powerhouse. Eschewing traditional love-and-heartbreak themes rife within the genres, Grey combines modern-day R&B and electronic vibes with edgier rock elements reminiscent of grunge’s earlier starts.

This decidedly defiant and brave break from the industry mold results in an accessible, yet fresh, exciting, and at times, slightly dangerous feel to her sound. It has also, she reveals, made some naysayers question her very path forward.

“Despite having written this song several years ago, it holds a huge place in my heart, and comforts me every time I listen to it,” she reveals. “It’s because, when I was first starting pursue music, a lot of people told me I should make it my ‘plan b’ or my hobby because I didn’t ‘have anything unique to offer.’

“No one, let alone a 15 year old, should ever be told they shouldn’t work towards pursuing something that gives them purpose,” she continues. “Music was never a hobby for me; I just couldn’t have that relationship with it, and I needed people to know that. I needed myself to know that I was rooting for me, that I had my back, no matter what came my way, and that I would make it past the snide, or the uninformed comments about MY life choices.

“My art wants purpose, and I work hard to serve that. I work equally as hard to find purpose in my art.”

Such art has come to life across previously released tracks, including “Listen to the Thunder,” “Battle,” “Ghost Town,” and most recently, “Daddy’s Love” — and received critical acclaim from the likes of Abort Mag, New Sick Music, Concert Monkey, ShockYa, Guitar Girl Mag, The Word is Bond, Canadian Beats, and more.

As for “Set Me Free,” Grey says it’s “an anthem for anyone who’s ever been made to feel like their passion is pointless.

“Put in the work, people!” she continues. “Regardless of the goal, the experience alone will be worth it. Grab the reins, and hold on tight.”

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