In the Presence of Giants!

Submitted by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred

This week our column will be a little different.

We usually write about upcoming Swedish independent bands we crossed paths with  but this week we will designate our column to two legends! But with a twist!

Some of you might be curious wondering who we are behind the column “Knock! Knock!”

Well, our names are Malin Östh and Jonas Tancred. We are musicians and have been for most of our respective lives. We are the international touring CrockPop band “Bara Jonson And Free”.

For our international readers (outside Sweden) it can be a vital piece of information to know that we also run a festival, deep in the south of Sweden, Lilla By Festivalen.

Our festival is a Hybrid festival, something in-between a music festival and a showcase. So this edition of Lilla By Festivalen 2024, we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ABBA.

Of course we will have music from ABBA on stage with headliner Janne Schaffer, who both played and toured with ABBA for many years as their guitarist. Our second headliner is one of Sweden’s most popular established singer,  Nanne Grönvall, married to Peter Grönvall who also will perform (Peter is btw the son of Benny Andersson, ABBA). 

We will also feature a Canadian all female band, Bad Skin, releasing the ABBA hit Dancing Queen in their own girl punk way at the festival and performing live on stage and it will be the world premiere of this performance.

But… and here comes the twist… 

We have invited two legends for a special event in our festival, in our Lilla By Talks;  Anders Hanser, who is best known as the “Abba photographer” since he has taken more photos of ABBA than any other photographer in the world!

The back story is that Anders once upon a time started to date a girl who happened to be the secretary of the ABBA’s manager and producer, Stickan Anderson. Hanser was soon accepted into the “family” and was permitted to bring his camera and document these four stars, not only as artists but also in a private context. Less well known are his award-winning slideshow set to music about culture and world heritage.

At Lilla By Festival, you have the chance to experience the fantastic story from 1974-1999 told by the members of ABBA and their relatives. A fascinating journey through 25 years of musical history.

Lennart Östlund, is one of Sweden’s most famous producers, mixers and recording technicians. Lennart began his career at the legendary Polar Studios built especially for ABBA where he worked for 44 years and later became the one taking over the studio when ABBA had left the stage. Lennart kept the studio it going until he retired a couple of years ago and then, the studio closed down as well.

Over the years, Lennart has been involved in various recordings with history’s greatest artists such as Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Rammstein,  Genesis, Ramones, Europe, Rainbow, Backstreet Boys, Scorpions, Celine Dion, Roxette and many, many more.

Lennart Ostlund will also be performing at Lilla By with his new band, West of Mars!

At Lilla By Festival you will have this unique opportunity to listen to these amazing persons stories in a very special surrounding, our Canada Barn.

So if you’re not in Sweden in August.. we do feel sorry for you 🙂

Editor’s Note: Cashbox Canada has spent the last few years forming a strong bond with Sweden and we have seen so many talented emerging artists that deserve some recognition. So we now have a column devoted to that called Knock! Knock! based on the song by Sweden’s Bara Jonson and Free. The artist reviews will be written and presented by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred of BjF, carefully chosen by their expert musical ears and featured here, proving as always that music has no borders.