Introducing Farsot – Sweden’s Newest Musical Treasure

Submitted by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred

Farsot: “The year was 2022. Our heroes managed to find their way back to the rehearsal space after the gates of the pandemic were finally unlocked. Their band had split up and they found themselves lost, so they did the only thing they knew how to do.They picked up their instruments and started jamming!“ 

Can an epidemic also be the cure? It can, according to the Swedish upcoming band Farsot, which translated to English means just that: Epidemic. If you are in need of a sonic detox to rid yourself of pop and R’n’B? With fuzz pedals, the penta scales, the rumbling bass and the clattering drums Farsot is absolutely the cure for you! Having had the great pleasure to enjoy  Farsot live at  Kristianstad Music Days earlier this Spring, we cannot say anything but agree.

Check them out on YouTube here: YouTube:

It was so amazing to see how the band members that off stage were so polite and almosthumble changed when on stage into something completely different, delivering melodic hard rock with such self-confidence that it hits you like a punch to your stomach.

Biljardkompaniet, Kristianstad’s Rockfest, Livekarusellen in Malmö and Riksfestivalen in Örebro, are just to name a few places where they recently have spread their message. 

On the horizon, they see their mission continue. In 2024, the coordinates are set for Time to Rock Festival, Kulturnatten and there is a record of protocol, set to music, planned to be released to the public in the very near future.Just so that they (the public) will learn to know how things really are!

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With new power and new truths to spread, our heroes fired up their starship and took off. “The people are being left in the dark and they need us!

August 24 Farsot will be on stage at Lilla By Festivalen in Rinkaby, in the south of Sweden

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