Simon Roosé – A Musical journey with Love

Submitted by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred

Since he was five years old, Simon Roosé wanted to be a musician. Coming from a musical family, music was already in his blood. What started out as an interest became at the age of thirteen a complete obsession with listening to, playing and creating music. 

For the past nine years, he has experimented with many musical genres, everything from pop, rock, indie all the way to hip-hop, jazz, funk, and fusion. From singing in choirs to attending Christian 4:s Gymnasium in Kristianstadto study songwriting and production in Stockholm, Blekinge and Skåne. (Sweden). At the same time, he also studied a variety of instruments to finally fall in love with the guitar which has been his main instrument since.

In addition to his studies, he was also an active member of a jazz band with musicians who each had more than 50 years of experience. Simon says ́ ́It was one of the most instructive things I’ve ever done, and it helped me become a better musician than ever before. It was after this experience that I fell in love with jazz.’’

It was when he enrolled in a songwriting course at Blekinge Fokhögskola in 2022 where he discovered his own style of writing. Here he wrote the music and lyrics for his upcoming album that will have a strong jazz, R&B and indie pop influence where the theme is: Love, in all stages. 

During Kristianstad Music Days, Simon performed together with a band of highly skilled jazz musicians, some of these songs which also included his brand-new single release “Woman”.

His new album is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2024.





Editor’s Note: Record World International has spent the last few years forming a strong bond with Sweden and we have seen so many talented emerging artists that deserve some recognition. So we now have a column devoted to that called Knock! Knock! based on the song by Sweden’s Bara Jonson and Free. The artists reviews will be written and presented by Malin Östh and Jonas Tancred of BjF, carefully chosen by their expert musical ears and featured here, proving as always that music has no borders.