Agnes Mai – An Old Soul With A Young Heart

Submitted by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred

One way of describing Agnes Mai is that she is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Lund, Sweden. Softspoken, maybe a bit shy.

Another way to describe her is, that she from her first note grabs a firm hold of you, and that she will not let go until she has told you all her stories, until you feel what she felt, until you understand.

An old soul with a young heart indeed.

This is what she does. She sings and plays piano and guitar to her narrative pop songs with lots of feelings. Her lyrics are often playful and written from unexpected perspectives, and they can be about both the happy and difficult parts of life. Even difficult things can turn into something beautiful in Agnes Mai’s musical world. 

Agnes writes all her songs herself, and each song is like its own little story or world. The goal is to evoke emotions with the help of her music, or perhaps manage to put into words something someone else has also felt.

“A Fairy Godmother and a Gentleman” is Agnes Mai’s latest single, and also the official song for Växjö Pride 2024. It is a joyful and hopeful song about daring to be yourself, and giving space to all the different sides of who you are. Being able to be both masculine and feminine, soft and tough at the same time.




Editors note: Record World International has spent the last few years forming a strong bond with Sweden and we have seen so many talented emerging artists that deserve some recognition. So we now have a column devoted to that called Knock! Knock! based on the song by Sweden’s Bara Jonson and Free. The artist’s reviews will be written and presented by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred of BjF, carefully chosen by their expert musical ears and featured here, proving as always that music has no borders.