Doctor Tongue Releases Emotional Single “Green Eyes” In Tribute To Founding Member

Doctor Tongue, the eclectic musical ensemble from Hamilton, Ontario, known for blending elements of rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, and country, proudly announces the release of their latest single, “Green Eyes”.

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 “Love is a drug. When you dive in, expect the extraordinary. ‘Green Eyes’ embodies the essence of two souls reveling in mutual ecstasy. Love transcends mere sweet whispers; it’s an all-encompassing celebration, a wild ride through every emotion, fast, slow, or outright psychedelic,” the band states, capturing the song’s essence and message.

As we now pass the first anniversary of the untimely passing of guitarist and founding member Dylan Matthews, this track holds special significance. It was the last collaborative effort involving Dylan, whose vision and creativity left an indelible mark on the band. The inception of “Green Eyes” can be traced back to Dylan’s days with Torque Hound, where he crafted the song’s compelling main riff, embedding his vision of encapsulating the exhilaration and freedom found in love. His musical philosophy of finding joy and fun in all aspects of life is vividly expressed through this piece.

Lead singer George Panagopoulos found a connection to the song, seeing a reflection of his wife’s mesmerizing green eyes. He was able to craft the lyrics with bandmate Mark McMaster into something through which he could voice his own experience. George’s addition of a keyboard part significantly altered the verse melodies, deepening the narrative and allowing a fresh approach to the lyrics to fit the new melody. This made the song feel new and spontaneous, inviting the muse back to the creative process.

As the song neared completion, it still lacked some lyrics for the chorus. George, with the long drives home on his mind, focused on his anticipation of returning to his wife. The lyrics “Take me home and don’t let go” emerged as straightforward and honest additions, perfectly completing the track and encapsulating the longing and warmth of coming home.

The loss of Dylan transformed “Green Eyes” into a poignant reflection on the valued message he left behind. George explains, “The genesis of ‘Green Eyes’ is deeply intertwined with the band’s history. Like the band, it was initially sparked by Dylan but grew into something dripping in the collaboration that is now Doctor Tongue.”

The song’s studio evolution also followed the song’s philosophy of celebration. Each member was encouraged to be as much of themselves as they could be, with each contributing their unique talents. George’s evocative keyboard melodies, Mark McMaster’s robust drumming, and Olivia Brown’s energetic bass lines were carefully curated to encapsulate the song’s spirit. Guest vocalist Sheri Dunn added a layer of soul, honouring Dylan, who deeply desired multiple voices on the track. Now rich with George, Olivia, and Jethro, Sheri adds a vibrant magic and approach to her part that is unique and impossible to miss when heard.

Doctor Tongue emerged as a vibrant force during the pandemic and quickly captured the hearts of many, debuting at the Come Together festival in May 2022. Despite Dylan’s tragic loss in March 2023, the band’s sound has continued to evolve, enriched by Chris Wheeler’s skillful guitar, Olivia Brown’s dynamic bass and vocals, and Jethro Mann’s dedicated rhythm guitar.

With a significant Spotify following and a studio that bridges musical eras, Doctor Tongue delivers immersive performances that transport audiences across time and space. Their commitment to their art and fans guarantees every concert is an unforgettable experience.