Montreal Poet and Songwriter Brian Campbell Keeps The Flow On His A Crystal Rim EP

Montreal songwriter Brian Campbell digs deep to find inspiration from his topsy-turvy life as a poet, and his practices as a Buddhist, to spread joy and hope on his upcoming EP release A Crystal Rim.

A Crystal Rim – Hafiz – Brian Campbell

The EP features adaptations of poems by renowned poets such as Hafiz and Rumi as well as an original composition inspired by their work. With the work rooted in allegory of famous poems, A Crystal Rim leaves listeners wanting to sit with the work for a while due to its richness that’s rooted in sounds of folk.

“All my adult life, ever since I encountered them, I have also been enthralled by the ecstatic visions of the Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz. After voluminous reading, certain fingerstyle riffs on a nylon stringed guitar evoked memory of the three poems I set to music here,” says Campbell.

While recording the set of five songs, Campbell called on some prominent guest artists, arranger, and engineer into his creative process to build on his roots sound he started putting together over 30 years ago. The release reflects Campbell’s passion for making music and poetry and his desire to offer joy and hope in these troubled times.

A Crystal Rim is a collection of heartfelt songs that showcase Campbell’s dexterous fingerstyle guitar playing and impassioned vocals. The EP has a warmth and joyfulness in and along with its sorrow, while his performances are known for captivating audiences with his storytelling and beautifully crafted songs.

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Fans of Campbell’s work can expect a mix of poetic lyrics, melodic guitar playing, and soulful singing on A Crystal Rim. The EP is a testament to Campbell’s dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with audiences through his music.

Campbell’s latest release A Crystal Rim will have listeners experience the beauty and richness of some of his best musical offerings to date.