Edmonton-Based Singer-Songwriter Dahlia Wakefield Releases Soft Rock Single “Still Waters”

Following the release of “Now’s The Time” last November, Edmonton-based singer-songwriter Dahlia Wakefield strikes a delicate balance between a sweet ethereal sound and profound lyrics in “Still Waters.” In her latest track, the artist embodies discernment while examining the deeper meanings in life. Wakefield doesn’t shy away from being earnest as she begins the single with gripping lyrics. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/dahliawakefield

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink

You can give people knowledge, but you can’t make them think

You knowthe truth by the way that it feels

You gotta look beyond potential and see what is real

“Still Waters” begins with a soft tune, inviting listeners to relax. By the bridge, Wakefield’s vocal control and command are evident, as the song slowly builds up to a powerful melody.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/47CZmom6Pk14SQOPot9dpK?si=BLOWYV1LQqKVUCh8viOQ2Q&nd=1&dlsi=978dfe39c5a3473d

Overall, the single showcases softer vocals than she had planned. Wakefield was at the tail end of a cold when she recorded the final vocals for the track back in December. However, her light airy vocals only add a layer of an ethereal quality as listeners enter the softness of “Still Waters.” It’s described as a “bit of a happy accident.”

Wakefield co-wrote the track with Kevin Frey. While it is the first co-write between the duo, it is not the last. “There’s lots more to come,” says Frey. The single was recorded at Dominelli Studios and showcases guitar features by Alan Tymofichuk, supporting keyboard melodies by Jann Arden’s touring keyboardist Darcy Phillips, a steady layer of bass by Mike Hill and drums by JUNO Award nominated Sandro Dominelli.

The song begins with guitar picking, showcasing Wakefield’s light country influence. The artist’s soft vocals enter, along with steady light drums, bringing the track back to the soft rock styles Wakefield is accustomed to. Throughout the latest single, her songwriting skills are at the forefront, inviting listeners to enter a world beyond their everyday passing experiences.

Wakefield is no stranger to the music scene, and she doesn’t stick to one lane — she wears many hats within the industry. From songwriting and performing to teaching and managing, there’s no doubt she’s a multifaceted artist. Her many roles and accolades in the scene shouldn’t come as a surprise, she’s been performing since the young of five and still today, you won’t have trouble finding her on stage solo or joined by one of her bands.

Wakefield has a large discography to discover and her command of the stage is not to be missed. But, as for leisure listening, “Still Waters” is a must-listen. Be transported to a place of stillness and inquisitiveness with “Still Waters,” out now.