Eric Alper Expands His PR Services to New Streaming Options

Submitted by Don Graham

What sets businesses apart and makes a good business a great business is the ability and foresight to continue to grow and change with market demands and needs. 

Eric Alper of Eric Alper PR is an embodiment of that mindset, embracing change and fluidity “Change is constant – not a bad thing. And change in the music business is happening at an ever-accelerating pace.”

Eric Alper has been at the forefront of the Canadian entertainment industry for the past 25 plus years and his forward thinking is what keeps him at the top of his field. 

It came to his attention there are a lot untrustworthy people offering streaming service additions that are really just scamming the artists and conceived a plan to help solve that problem. While discussing this Eric says “I’m excited to offer Spotify promotion and playlisting approach that keeps long-term streaming growth and algorithmic cohesion as its primary focus. This means that I will only use real human manual pitching to outlets curated by people who want to hear your genre of music, and to outlets that would be programming your song in lists with similar independent artists and marketing those lists to audiences who would be looking for music like it.”

Alper plans  to use the digital streaming service algorithms to help put the artists music in spaces where listeners would expect to hear it, resulting in a lower skip rate. He uses his almost-decade long experience in third party playlists as a way to teach discovery algorithms that your song should be suggested to more listeners who like similar artists. 

“It’s been my experience that as a result of this, there will be a longer period of growth on your track and a higher chance of it reaching people who will become real fans.” Eric goes on to say “My mission is to make the data that independent artists have access to on their streaming platforms as usable as

possible, reflecting real growth from reaching actual people as opposed to inflated fake numbers. While the digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting and changing, I will be adapting to chase the same goal of bringing your music to the people who will love it.”

Eric’s list of accomplishments is a tribute to his excellence and dedication to the creators of music , from indie artists to established veterans and superstars. He has been a 6-time nominee for Publicist of the Year during Canadian Music Week and has overseen the publicity campaigns for over 155 JUNO Award nominated-albums (and 14 in 2023), including 43 JUNO Award, 58 Canadian Folk Music Award, and

126 Maple Blues Award-winning albums, and is also truly honoured to work with some of the biggest and most important artists of our time.

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