Shook Boys Hot Wax! Immortalized on 10″ Sleazy Records’ Vinyl

With Shook Boys fresh from their first performance in Europe at the 30th Rockin Race Jamboree in Spain, Sleazy Records has answered the band’s fans call by releasing a limited 10″ vinyl record of their self-titled debut album in March 2024.

Originally dropped on streaming platforms in November 2023, the album’s transition to vinyl is a nod to the band’s 1950s aesthetics. With seven songs packed into a lively 15-minute experience, the album certainly calls for a 10″ record—a timeless soundtrack of rebellious youth.

The self-titled album, “Shook Boys,” is a reflection of the boys’ lifestyle—a soundtrack to juvenile delinquency and reckless living. Inspired by the no-holds-barred ethos of the 1950s rock’n’roll era, the band stays true to the roots of rockabilly while fearlessly pushing its boundaries with sounds of garage, doo-wop, and rhythm & blues.

Shook Boys announced the release of the 10” on their social media channels, “Here it is! We’re excited to fully announce Sleazy Records has pressed our debut album! We wanna thank YOU for supporting us. Whether it’s coming out to a show, listening to our music, digging our content, or pushing rock ‘n’ roll in general.” Recorded at Ganaraska Recording Co, the album was expertly captured live off the floor, preserving the raw energy and authenticity that defines the band’s sound. Special mentions were given to Jesse Whiteley for his stellar piano contributions and Frank Lam Photography for the striking band photo featured on the record’s back cover.

This collaboration with Sleazy Records, known for preserving rockabilly roots, solidifies Shook Boys’ position in the contemporary scene. For collectors and fans alike, the 10″ vinyl is now available on Sleazy Records’ website and select record stores.

You can buy the album from Sleazy Records:
Or back contacting the Shook Boys via their social media: