Canadian Pop Sensation SunnyStone Releases ‘MEMORY’: A Melodic Journey of Nostalgia and Reflection

Music can shape lives through the simple thought of it. That is how the pop singer SunnyStone, a new voice in Canada, lives life. From the peaceful village of Kondapi, nestled in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, India, SunnyStone’s musical journey takes flight.

From modest origins, SunnyStone’s journey from a small-town enthusiast to a blossoming musical talent in Canada is truly remarkable. At just 14 years old, SunnyStone unearthed his musical gift while singing in the corridors of PPS, his school in Andhra Pradesh.

Though met with opposition from his family, he remained determined, finding encouragement and support from teachers who helped him develop his musical abilities.

Despite trying to focus on another career, he found himself thinking about life and listening to “Do or Die – Remix by Thirty Seconds to Mars & Afrojack” and suddenly decided that was the moment to change his life. “I need to become a Pop singer and I want to move to any English-speaking country so I can do that”, he mentions.

Calling Canada home since 2019, SunnyStone wasted no time in honing his craft, enrolling in vocal training under the tutelage of Pete Palazzolo at the Canadian Conservatory of Music in Windsor. This marked the inception of a remarkable metamorphosis – from a Masters’ student by day to a burgeoning musician by night.

After completing his training, SunnyStone’s creativity was heightened, leading to the release of three cover songs on YouTube. Building on this momentum, he showcased his talent to the world with his debut single, “Make You Feel,” followed by the heartfelt release of “End To My Love.”

Now SunnyStone welcomes his 3rd single “MEMORY”, a melodic exploration of nostalgia and introspection.

“While driving one day, the hook “Like A Memory, Like A Memory, Like A Memory…” struck me. A few days later, during a late-night drive from downtown Toronto to my home in Etobicoke, I found myself halted at numerous red lights, feeling frustrated by the repetitive pause. It dawned on me that I wanted to craft a song about this experience, to tell its story,” he says.

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 Starting with just a hook, the song grew into a personal reflection on resilience. Inspired by the serene moments of everyday life, its creation amidst the gentle glow of stoplights shows SunnyStone’s appreciation for life’s small pleasures.

‘When I was driving on the road

I saw the redlight stopping me

When I was living alone

I felt like someone was watching me

Whenever I wanna skip this track

There’s something else dragging me

Like a memory

While thinking about the lyrics, SunnyStone thought about his own memories back home, all the difficulties he encountered in his path, and all the dreams he has yet to accomplish. Combined with a melody that can only be described as enlightening the feeling of nostalgia, “MEMORY” will make you think about your very own memories.