Bravo Robert Priest on a great live performance and a jazzy fantastic new release!

“People Like You And Me”

Submitted by Michael Williams

The older audience magic hour seems to be Sundays two and six, the new Hugh’s Room Live was packed. It’s a classic neighborhood church 296 Broadview Avenue in Toronto.

Very simple stage , bar no food, chairs. Nice balcony.

Classic coffee house vibe with no coffee or tea?

Love the pews on the side, on the stage no place to hide.

Went to see my old friend Robert Priest, backed by some of the greatest musicians in the city to launch his new record “People like you and me!”

I have long since been a fan of Robert Priest poetry, he made poetry accessible to everyone who wanted to pick up a pen or perform poetry live.

Today at Hugh’s room backed two bands first a more traditional folk duo that changes into more jazz ensemble , including guitarists Bob Cohen ,David Hines and special guest Alison Young on saxophone and guitarist supreme Kevin Breit. The performance flowed well and Robert’s trumpet playing was a wonderful surprise addition to the jazz feel of his latest release.

Jack Kerouac would be proud as Robert’s originality breathed life into a style long gone but properly resurrected with respect to the past and present!

As the poet of the people, a wonderful lyricist for Julian Taylor and Alannah Myles hit

“A Song Instead Of A Kiss”.

Robert Priest is an author, poet laureate, songwriter, teacher who shared his craft on all platforms and media. As he’s done for years as one of Canada’s premier poets before hip hop popularized the power of spoken word…way before poetry slam culture. Robert Priest is a true Canadian original who deserves The Order of Canada for his brilliant body of work.

Bravo Robert Priest on a great live performance and a jazzy fantastic new release – “People Like You And Me”.