Joy Bullen Launches The Black History Month Classical Music Series

The Black History Month Classical Music Series,wascreated by Joy Bullen, Culturepreneur,to introduce Canadians to young, Black, Canadian, musicians who shatter stereotypes and are themselves in the process of making history.

We hear so little about Canadian Black Classical artist, composers and musician, like William Leather Nashville Symphony trumpet, Measha Brueggergosman Diva and Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser Conductor/Composer.

Since 2015, they present performances featuring musicians who excel in areas where Black voices and presence have often been silenced or ignored.  Each year they partner with cultural and not-for-profit organizations across Canada to entertain and educate diverse audiences.

This year’s Black History Month Concert Series features:

In Unyielding Roots, the musicians are proudly debuting their own original compositions. Created to tell the story of their lives and experiences as second-generation Canadians and professional musicians, embracing their unyielding roots.  The music includes diverse styles such as jazz, folk, contemporary, Hip-Hop, and classical. Melodies will be sung by the spectacular soprano Nadine Anyan, and the music will be accompanied by visuals from life in the Caribbean and in Canada.

Two Black Canadian musicians of Caribbean descent, Rashaan Rori Allwood (Toronto)is a pianist, organist and composer currently completing a PhD in composition.    In addition to being an extremely accomplished and award-winning pianist and organist who has awed audiences with known classical pieces, Rashaan combines influences from the great composers of the past, with modern day advances in our increasingly technological world to create new musical languages. He uses keyboards, recording equipment, synthesizers, and more, to create a wider range of sounds and thematic meaning in his music. He offers a different view and interpretation of his world experience with experimental music and improvisations.  As a soloist, he has toured across Europe, and performed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, UK, St. Nikolai-Kirche in Leipzig, Germany and St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland.   

Here is a piece composed by Rashaan. This piece – with piano, violin and electronics is called ‘Lover’

Kathryn Patricia Cobbler is a Loop pedal violist, composer and a classical artist whose original work speaks to Belonging, Hope and Remembrance.  She is renowned for her classical performances of original arrangements and improvisations with the viola, using a loop pedal that creates the full effect of a band with multiple instruments.   Kathryn has won multiple awards and recognition as a seasoned performer, speaker, presenter and workshop facilitator. She is currently a PhD candidate in Critical Studies in Improvisation, and a performance instructor at Carlton University. 

Here, Kathryn introduces her work – (in her own words) `

Introduction video:



Unyielding Roots Tour Schedule is:

February 2nd Halifax, Nova Scotia Canadian Museum of Immigration, Pier 21 7pm

February 8th  Ottawa, Ontario 10,000 HOURS Concert Hall, 353 Montréal Rd, suite 102 Vanier, Ontario   7pm.

February 11th 3:00pm Toronto, Ontario Holy Blossom Temple 3:00pm

Ticket information: