JAXXEE’s Authentic Soul Shines in ‘so tired’: A Captivating Anthem of Weariness and Resilience

Infusing a soulful sound with unfiltered authenticity, singer-songwriter JAXXEE, returns with a striking new single that promises to capture the hearts and souls of listeners. Her newest single, “so tired”, is a beautiful anthem that chronicles the chaos of weariness and resilience. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn_mmY5byLA

“so tired” delves into the universal experience of late-night self-reflection, capturing the exhaustion from the feeling of inadequacy. Born from a moment of inspiration during a car ride, JAXXEE questions the balance between strength and vulnerability, the authenticity of appearances in a social media-driven world, and the emotional turbulence of self-doubt. The production elevates the song with a soulful Americana style with JAXXEE and producer, Neil James Cooke-Dallin, opting for a live sound, raw and filled with the sound of a live band.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4pi9wpjtpZpluffhbYCxma?si=KaRCQxevRJqwCiXDySmbjQ&nd=1&dlsi=59973ca6b78b4b90

 “so tired” is a testament to JAXXEE’s versatility as an artist. Seamlessly blending genres, she navigates effortlessly from the energetic stages of blues and soul to the introspective realms of this soul-stirring ballad. Additionally, the lyrics serve as a poignant exploration of self-doubt, and the internal battle between strength and vulnerability highlights JAXXEE’s lyrical prowess. Lines like “If I falter, do I fade” and “All these thoughts, they replay in my mind, over and over again” provide listeners with a window into the artist’s introspective journey.

JAXXEE’s music clearly reflects her self-trained musical background and a commitment to singing from a place deep within her soul. Her career in music has been greatly inspired by her personal story, including a transformative kidney donation, her tracks embody sincerity and emotional depth.