Toronto-Based Belizean Pop Sensation Skyzz Unveils Captivating New Single ‘Without You’

Skyzz, the pop singer known for his 2021 risqué summer anthem “Lento Y Pegadito,” drops his newest single, “Without You.” This latest offering delivers an enticing combination of Top 40 and pop elements, guaranteed to touch on that soft spot for his audience. Check it out on YouTube here:

Growing up with a love of music, Skyzz found his passion when he played drums at a young age, revealing his natural talent for the instrument. So talented that at age 17, he used his dream and a pair of drumsticks to pursue his music career further. His musical influences draw from Alternative Rock, R&B, and Reggaeton. However, deep down, Skyzz’s inspiration originates from his Belizean foundation.

In late 2022, Skyzz curated a concert at the renowned Don on Danforth to ceremonialize his latest EP, “Skyzz.” This moment, alongside winning Manitoba’s CJ107’s title of Most Talented Performer in 2017, demonstrates his technical skill and ability to draw an audience.

The inspiration for “Without You” stemmed from the sudden and tragic passing of his best friend, pillar of strength and lifelong confidant. From this sorrow, Skyzz had to mold an avenue for his healing, as the loss, he shares, “was simply too great to endure.” But with help from his longtime friend and mentor, Michelle Gold, Skyzz saw the need to tell his story through the development and production of “Without You.”

Listen on Spotify here:

“Sometimes, in the face of inconceivable loss, we forget that the world will go on and death is simply a part of life that cannot be avoided,” he adds on, “even for the ones we love most.”

He continues, “I made this song in the hopes that someone who is facing tragedy, be it loss of life or the loss of love, understands that they are not alone.”

“Without You” tugs on the heartstrings and takes the listener on a journey of grief and emotional discovery. The production on its own feels nostalgic, Skyzz’s emotion through his singing reverberates throughout the song from start to end. Only a few artists manage to force the listener to take on their frame of mind. Skyzz does this effortlessly, and one can hope that anyone experiencing loss can survive it and learn to endure “even if the world is forever less beautiful without them.”