Valentina Cherico’s Latest Single ‘Dance Until The Sunrise’: A Unifying Anthem Blending Disco and Modern Pop-Funk

Cross-genre sensation Valentina Cherico unites everyone through the power of dance and music. Her latest single of the year, “Dance Until The Sunrise” is a formidable anthem that resonates with the masses on a widespread level. Unlocked now, Valentina continues to bloom within the pop/R&B genre. Check it out on YouTube here:

 This track was written and produced from the comfort of her home- with help from her father, Mickey Cherico. “Dance Until The Sunrise” embodies an integration of Disco with a modern Pop Funky feel. It is evident in the additional lead and backup vocals from the family band, Casanova, and solid production by The Vault Recording Studio in Pittsburgh.

Valentina elevates the fun record with a music video that, “shows a crowd of people dancing and having fun in a Studio 54 and Soul Train party setting.” She explains in detail, “At which point, Aliens from space CRASH the party. Everyone is terrified, and then the Aliens feel the Beat of the music and start to dance, signaling to everyone that, MUSIC IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE!!!”

The new single’s core message is coming together, connecting, and healing through the music. Valentina Cherico acclaims, “My hope is that my song will connect with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds… to all come together through the power and love of music and dance.”

Listen on Spotify here:

With family roots planted in music, Valentina’s musical progression throughout the years has been motivating. The singer has worked with reputable producers in Pittsburgh and New York. To her big break at 16, when she wrote an original song alongside a Grammy-nominated music producer Roy Hamilton, III.

From that moment, Valentina’s musical career has never looked back. Currently, she is being streamed in over 89 countries through the US and Europe continents. Her single prior “Dance Until the Sunrise” – a ballad titled “Teach Me How To Love Again” gained over 20,000 across Spotify and other DSPs.

From the early years of her life, Valentina Cherico has been modifying her natural flair for acting by pursuing a career in musical theatre– where she was able to combine her musical talent with her passion for acting. Valentina’s music signature style draws influence from Selena Quintanilla, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera.

Valentina’s primary music objective is “to create music that “moves, heals and lifts” people, the young entertainer’s ability to connect with her audience through her music is a God given gift.” In this new release, she asks the listener to “Get Up” and dance.