Los Angeles-Based Z Chambers Pours Heart And Soul Into ‘Sweetest Lies’ EP

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter, Z Chambers works through relationship woes on his Sweetest Lies EP, out now. This 4-track EP is a compilation of his recent songs and a story that unravels right through. On the EP’s lead single, “Sweetest Lies,” the singer gets candid about his most recent romantic connection. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwhNIYNK8yY

Centered around frustrations with his experiences in relationships, the “Sweetest Lies” project is delivered into four parts–four songs. Each track is based on lies, but unravels in special ways, inviting listeners to live through his deep lyrics.

“I recently came to the realization that many of my relationships are filled with lies, fables, and broken promises. Upon self-reflection, I realized that I too have at times presented myself in disingenuous ways, in the hopes of pleasing my friends, family, and society as a whole.”

For a cohesive and structural listening experience, listeners should listen in chronological order. From “Tight Rope”, and “Sweetest Lies” to “Bad Reality.” Z Chambers delivers an ambitious EP through which each song fades into another one until the last track. Crafting a world where his audience takes up this journey with him of relationship frustrations and lies.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0tVZSVv4fU98CQ8rFefMJ0?si=N05PRpOtQqG91G3c_2mTGw&nd=1&dlsi=84c9e89e1a9a4ccb

 Born and bred in Los Angeles, California, the city responsible for cultivating creatives of all calibers. Z stumbled on his love for the arts and music at an early age and launched into performing at talent shows. From there on, his love for Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Ne-Yo, and Coldplay pushed him to start writing music and performing at local venues.

Eventually, his move to Hollywood set things rolling for Z, as he began working closely with producers to develop his sound and music. Z Chambers has meticulously built his compilation of songs, and discovered his staple sound as Contemporary Pop, with a dash of R&B.

“Sweetest Lies” EP is the ultimate addition to your playlists out there, promising to keep you in your feelings till the year ends. Join Z Chambers in this immersive musical adventure on all streaming platforms.