Embrace the Magic of the Season with Sherri Harding’s Enchanting New Single ‘Doin’ Christmas Right’

There’s no better way to ring in the 2023 holiday season than with Sherri Harding’s enchanting new single, “Doin’ Christmas Right.” Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1PkjX1WqvA&feature=youtu.be

Produced by Dick Cooper, with Brian Cooper on bass and Rob Holtz on percussion, Harding’s new song is another project created in collaboration with The Cooper Brothers. Instrumentals by the world-class Muscle Shoals Horns inject warmth, energy, and a beloved holiday sound into the single. With all the makings of a holiday classic, “Doin’ Christmas Right” is a melody listeners will no doubt return to year after year.

The holiday has always been dear to the Ottawa singer, who treasures her childhood memories of selling Christmas trees with her siblings—and has always dreamed of producing original Christmas music. With heartwarming lyrics and Harding’s signature soulful vocals, the song captures the magic of those childhood Christmases—the excitement, the joy, the bright lights on every corner—and allows the listener to experience anew the startling beauty of the holidays. Doin’ Christmas Right juxtaposes a giddy, youthful delight with the brilliant shine of being in love.

“This year’s like no other – how happy can one girl be? / Feels just like I’m a kid again – feels like make-believe // This year I’m doing Christmas right,” she sings.

The single comes on the heels of Harding’s debut album, A Million Pieces, which was released earlier this year. Also produced by Dick Cooper, the album featured a powerful lineup of seasoned musicians like David Hood, Kelvin Holly, Lynn Williams, and others. Cooper wrote the album for Harding after her 2016 performance with The Cooper Brothers, where he recognized a stunning new talent deserving of the spotlight. The duo traveled to iconic Muscle Shoals to record, and following the album’s success, continued their collaboration with “Doin’ Christmas Right.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/47FtNkxFIw7kz7SLpAzSl0?si=LE_zSHNrS1GWfDKU6lbFAA&nd=1&dlsi=7727cf61a7e94bae

Harding’s success is well-earned. For years before her debut, she spent time on the road in various bands and venues, traveling as far as Bosnia and the Middle East for Armed Forces shows. But home beckoned, and the rising singer carved out a space for herself in the Rock/Soul space.

Even before the release of A Million Pieces, Harding always wanted to create an original Christmas song. In the true spirit of the season, this dream has come true. “Doin’ Christmas Right” will surely soundtrack magical holiday memories for families and lovers alike for years to come.