Natalie Exora’s Spellbinding Single ‘Perfect’ Redefines Pop: An Artistic Ode to Love in a Material World

Fusing mood, anthemic, and pop elements, multitalented singer Natalie Exora presents her fresh single “Perfect” out now. Originally from Trinidad, and presently based in Toronto, the singer’s periodic inspiration draws from what she sees daily in society. In “Perfect” Natalie quite artistically crafts “today’s fascination for material things, but the most enduring of all things… is love,” in under 4 minutes. Check it out on YouTube here:

 Natalie Exora taps into a rich register in “Perfect” which easily exposes her raw emotions throughout the song. To top it off, the singer’s storytelling in her songwriting seals the deal.

“Two hearts together, we’re perfect (perfect) /One life, one love, one day you’ll come back home to stay/ Why, is it a crime?”

Natalie shares her provocation in writing this beautiful ballad, stating, “Like many kids with a dream, I was told no by my parents when I asked to pursue music. It wasn’t a safe or secure path. Upon moving away from home and losing two loved ones in a short space of time at a young age, this gave me a deep sense of time passing and inspired me to make the most of the time we have.

If there’s music or creative energy churning in you, it’s a shame to let it sleep or fall to the wayside and there’s no time like the present (no matter the age) to chase a lifelong dream.”

The singer’s musical inspiration derives from the storytelling era of the 80s, so it’s no wonder her distinct sound is composed of work “capturing the sweet nostalgia and fleeting moments of youth.”

“Perfect” was thought of and penned down all in the comfort of her home in Burlington. Natalie explains that it is easier to record in her comfort zone when Technology is a swipe away. She adds, “I can have a song idea and drop a voice note on my phone in the morning…record in the evening and mix online and edit on my phone by the weekend. The whole process is possible “between the cracks” of a day – through work, life, the day to day. It’s always possible to create and make music. How perfect.”

Listen on Spotify here:

The release of her second single “Perfect” since her debut is another milestone added to her already boundless list. Natalie Exora’s musical journey dates to her teenage years, she became a part of a local band and opened for major acts at that time. Further grabbing opportunities to write and collaborate with Juno-nominated Canadian artists.

Her career-defining moment though, came during SongStudio, where she performed with a Canadian musical giant, Rik Emmett of Triumph. Who in return gave simple, yet life-changing advice, “You need to sing.”

Pop music enthusiasts and fans can anticipate the release of Natalie Exora’s second single “Perfect” on October 26th, available on streaming platforms.