Rocker Avalon Stone Takes Us Through The Stages of a Nasty Breakup on Grungy, Metallic “Forget You”

Avalone Stone

Sometimes you just get that sickly, sinking feeling you’re about to be played, and that’s what Avalon Stone’s new hard-rocking debut single “Forget You” – available now – from her forthcoming Album Chained is all about, produced by JUNO Award-winning producer Kevin Dietz (Glorious Sons, JJ Wilde, Billy Talent).  Check it out YouTube:

 Heavy, grungy, and metal-tinged, “Forget You” takes us on a journey from that initial niggling feeling all the way to aftermath of the breakup, where Stone experiences both regret and steely resolve:

Feel it burn

Want you to return

Now I’ll have to learn

To try to forget you

The song is a storm of sludgy guitars, pummeling drums, and Stone’s soaring and passionate vocals. Then, it suddenly turns quiet and introspective as Stone contemplates her sadness and the injustice of it all, only to be broken by her soulful, soul-shaking wail. 

Avalon Stone isn’t just an artist; she’s a force of nature. Entering the performance scene at the young age of 10, she began fronting her own band by the time she was 12. Her sound is deeply rooted in the gritty embrace of ’90s grunge like Alice In Chains, Cranberries? and Nirvana, yet she manages to rejuvenate the classic genre with a contemporary, sharp edge.

Fans can look forward to frequent releases this Winter getting ready for her upcoming Album that blends a heady alchemy of nostalgia and innovation, weaving raw emotions into alt-rock anthems. Her soaring vocals resonate deep within, echoing long after the last note has played. This is an astonishing first single, and a new female Canadian rock artist on the scene that makes her one to watch.

Listen on Spotify here:

 Something you said on the call we really liked – If this first release is a sign of things to come, we’ve got a new female Canadian rock artist to watch out for.

In addition to making music, Avalon is passionate about mental health advocacy. As the founder of Music For Mental Health Canada, Avalon harnesses the power of her music while collaborating with other musicians to champion mental health causes.