Sing Along with Multi-Award-Winning Country Music Star Laurie LeBlanc on His Cozy “Campfire Song”

Sing Along with Multi-Award-Winning Country Music Star Laurie LeBlanc on His Cozy “Campfire Song”


Grab a blanket, a cold one, and your closest friends– Laurie LeBlanc proves that summer never ends in his new single “Campfire Song,” Watch and listen to “Campfire Song” on YouTube here:

 “I won’t deny that one of the most incredible feelings on earth is being on stage singing for hundreds/thousands of fans,” says LeBlanc, “but there’s something magical when you’re sitting by a campfire with family and friends, and everybody sings along to some classic campfire songs.”

“Campfire Song” is both a tribute and an invitation to reflect on the meaningfulness of gathering and connection, especially when bolstered by the magic of nature and music. It captures the essence of a campfire gathering and evokes cherished memories of warmth, camaraderie, and summer fun. On the track, LeBlanc shouts out John Denver, Chris Stapleton (George Jones), and The Beatles; but more importantly, he calls out to all listeners to embrace the shared experience of singing around a campfire. Everybody knows that true cool kids will always sing along! Listen on Spotify here:

Laurie LeBlanc is one of Canada’s rising country music stars, whose distinctive style contains a sizable helping of East Coast Acadian flavor. Ten years after releasing his first album La Pitoune in French, establishing his reputation in his home province of New Brunswick and throughout the Maritimes and Quebec, LeBlanc released his first English album When It’s Right It’s Right in 2020.

This month Laurie received 3 new nominations for his album Long Weekend from two different associations: Album of the Year (multilingual and other languages) from Gala ADISQ, and Recording of the Year and Song of the Year (French) from Music New Brunswick Awards . The accolades follow his nomination for Album of the Year (other language), Album of the Year (classic country), Male Vocalist of the Year (Country Album), at the Gala Country. And Country Album of the Year, World Artist of the Year “Francophone” and Music Video of the Year, Male, at Nashville Tennessee’s Josie Music Awards. He is also a recent inductee into The Akademia Hall of Fame.

Now having firmly found his place within the English country music scene, LeBlanc has created simultaneously his most personal and accessible recording to date. His most recent studio album Long Weekend has six brand new songs in English and six in French, all crafted to convey a feel-good summer vibe in both languages. With his dynamic voice and undeniable charm, there is no stopping Laurie LeBlanc as he continues to build his fan base around the world.

“I’ll always love singing in French and cherish the support I get from my francophone audience,” Leblanc says, “but hearing one of my songs on the radio alongside the Canadian and American country artists I admire gives me so much joy.”

So, keep your eyes peeled– Laurie LeBlanc and “Campfire Song” are sure to be coming to a radio (or campfire!) near you soon!