Chin Injeti Takes You on a Sentimental Journey with ‘For Better Or For Worse’ ft. Shad K

Chin Injeti adds a nostalgic offering to his 2023 repertoire with this new song “For Better Or For Worse” featuring Shad K aka YBTB. They say sentimentality is a hell of a drug, and in this new release, it keeps getting better with every listen.

The Grammy and JUNO Award album-winning contributor assembled an anthem that bodes well for adults learning to live with growth. Injeti admits his motivation for the song is “Growing up and accepting the things that go with it,” and continues, “the fact that we changed, and we’re ok with it.”

“For Better Or Worse” harnesses acoustic components from start to finish that sound familiar to the ear. Together with the almost faint repetitive thudding hiding behind the acoustics. It all works and complements Injeti’s style of singing throughout the song. What came as a surprise was the electronic element of the song, as it didn’t overpower the whole musical production.

Listen on Spotify here:

Chin Injeti is truly a leader and a dynamo in his own right with this relatable contribution that will touch those who fall into the 20s-30s age groups. “Life never works out the way you planned,” Injeti shares, “and you are not the same person you were when you were in your 20s or 30s.” The mastery in the approach to balancing the lyrics and instrumentals is distinctive and makes one wonder what the Chin and Shad together can’t ace.

Apart from the unique musical arrangement and production, it’s the meaning behind the words that will win over the listener. “For Better Or For Worse” embraces life’s imperfections and lessons. And in return, accepting that “we’re okay with who we are as grown-ups.”

Injeti sings, “Now that I’m safely in my 40s/Guess I should process some of my 20s/

Some of the grief and the sh*t”/Like when I realized I’m not

The human being that I thought”

In “For Better Or For Worse” Chin has crafted a timeless mantra that sits well alongside his prior releases “Expensive” and “Something Love Would Do”.

“The song came from two people that are in a place in their lives, where they are completely comfortable with the life they lead,” he says.

“Looking back at the song now it is the perfect message for who we are and for probably who we’re going to be moving forward.”