Music’s Rising Star JAXXEE Makes a Stunning Debut with ‘GONE’ – A Perfect Fusion of Trip-Hop and Soul

Blending elements of trip-hop and soul in just the right proportions, the new independent face on the Canadian music scene, JAXXEE, makes an impactful entrance with her debut single, “GONE.” Check it out on YouTube here:

Paying homage to the obscure Bristol scene of the 90s, while also emanating a fresh and present-day aura, the track serves as a cathartic passage, navigating the intricate emotions of frustration, love, and sorrow.

With a voice as deep as the emotions evoked, JAXXEE poses a poignant question: “Have you ever felt so fragile?” The lyrics unfold a tale of vulnerability, of being depleted by others who take relentlessly.

“This musical journey is about finding my voice. Having an opinion and not just being a people pleaser. Pushing myself to be out of my comfort zone and vulnerable,” explains the artist.

“GONE was the first song I ever shared with anyone,” continues JAXXEE. As a biracial individual from a family of Chinese migrants, her musical path provides a canvas to articulate the intricate shades of her ordeals and growth.

Amidst the turmoil woven by deceit, JAXXEE’s vocals channel the essence of blues and soul—a nod to the classics. Yet, this is no mere imitation. Classic intertwines with contemporary electronic elements and innovative production techniques infuse the old-world charm with a modern heartbeat.

Listen on Spotify here:

 “GONE” serves as a potent embodiment of multifaceted sentiments—frustration, grief, and the profound act of release. Mixed and mastered in San Francisco by Grammy-nominated Count (aka Mikael Eldridge) and engineered and produced by award winner Neil James Cooke-Dallin, “GONE” conveys an empowering message, urging individuals to release relationships that have completed their chapters and no longer contribute positively to their journey.

Face to face 20 years later

Girl he’s the one who made you small

I won’t excuse your indiscretions

Won’t give you any piece of me

Hey diddler, lock your door

The launch of “GONE” is accompanied by dual visual narratives, both shedding light on the song’s duality. The official video unveils a mesmerizing contemporary dance performance, showcasing the artistry of her 14-year-old daughter. This representation is JAXXEE’s ode to her inner child, offering a glimpse into the shadows of her early years. Contrasting this, the bonus video adopts a different perspective, portraying her current self as a resilient, alluring, and vulnerable adult. This portrayal encapsulates her journey of discovering her voice and embracing self-expression, all while exulting in the ongoing celebration of music and art.

Beyond its lyrical content, “GONE” stands as a testament to JAXXEE’s newfound strength in vocalizing her thoughts while still cherishing profound bonds. Her ongoing celebration of music and art remains an ever-present thread in her narrative.

Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Carole King, Aretha Franklin, and Erykah Badu, as well as the resonances of Portishead, En Vogue, and the Black Pumas, her vocals exude an entrancing blend of moodiness and sensuality. We can expect a whole lot more on this newly released journey.

Her voice, drenched in mood and sensuality, creates an evocative experience that feels timeless. With each note, she channels the essence of raw authentic soul, bridging eras and connecting emotions.