Francine Honey Gives Couples The Hope To Power Through on Award-Winning New Single “The We, We Used To Be”

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Sometimes a relationship can hit a rough patch, and all you want is to get back to that place where you both know you can do better. With her signature honeyed voice as its star, singer-songwriter Francine Honey’s new ballad “The We, We Used To Be” tackles this unique sort of melancholy. Check it out on YouTube here:

 I don’t want to fight

There’s nothing left to say

I don’t need to be right

I want us to find a way, back to

The We, we used to be

The We, staying up ’till 3

The We, tangled up in sheets

I remember the We, we used to be

The award-winning love song is an entreaty to couples to recognize the depth of their love, despite any surface difficulties. “‘The We, We Used to Be’ is a call to every couple who feels ‘there is no way back, time has changed us both,’ to find a way back to the days of being tangled up in sheets at 3 a.m.,” says Francine.

The song has struck a chord with listeners even prior to its official release, having won the 2023 Austin Songwriter’s Group International Songwriting Competition in the Love Songs and Folk/Americana categories, as well as second place in the Singer-Songwriter category. It also was a finalist in the Love Songs category in the 2022 United Kingdom Songwriting Contest.

It’s the song’s universality that makes it a winner, as well as its deep, heartfelt sincerity. “Every couple goes through the seasons in a relationship – people change, relationships change,” Francine explains. “I’ve experienced these ups and downs, as many of us have.”

“This song reflects the moment when you feel you’ve tried it all and you’re wondering if your love is strong enough to survive the challenges you are facing.” she continues. “You hope that you can come out of it, because ‘deep down I love you more than I did way back when.’”

Listen on Spotify here:

 Francine Honey is an internationally acclaimed songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, independent recording artist, and record and video producer.  She offers a blend of Americana, Alt-Country, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, and Blues, creating a unique and soulful sound. With a mission to help people one song at a time. Francine believes that by sharing her life stories through song, others will know they are not alone through life’s ups and downs.