Anti-Pop and EDM Producer Wrené Releases New Album Metamorphosis and Celebrates the Divine Feminine with Playboy Centerfold 

Playing in both light and dark, sleekness and texture, Toronto-based anti-pop star and electronic dance music producer Wrené’s new album Metamorphosis unfolds as a seamless journey of self-acceptance, embracing the inevitability of constant change.

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 Created during the bleakest period of the COVID pandemic, Metamorphosis presents an expansive lost-in-space-and-time aesthetic, while, conversely, also providing the deep sense of intimacy that only a lot of time spent in the interiors of one’s own psyche can provide an artist.

From the aching “Deflect, Dissolve” to the ethereal title song “Metamorphosis,” each track presents as a fleeting moment in an overarching story, merging harmoniously and also offering a distinct sonic landscape and sensibility, creating an overall immersive experience for listeners. Metamorphosis was produced entirely with original recorded samples, and by creating textures with soft synths.

The album’s themes delve into stories of love, lust, sleeplessness, the yearning for completeness, and the human longing for true connection. “My music is a playground for escapists, rebels, and those who are interested in the abstract,” says Wrené. “I’m interested in hosting my mind as a wonderland for others to visit to get away from the pain, monotony, and meaninglessness of life.”

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 Just as her music challenges convention, Wrené will be appearing in Playboy in conjunction with Metamorphosis’ release. “Part of my aim as a female artist is to present myself unabashedly,” she asserts. “I stand for women expressing the multifacetedness of our own individual femininity. Though the feminine form is undoubtedly divine – and our beauty should be celebrated – we are so much more than our bodies.”

Wrene’s decision to participate in a Playboy photoshoot is her statement in the context of modern feminism, which emphasizes agency, empowerment, and the right to express one on their own terms. By choosing to pose for Playboy, Wrene is all about self-empowerment, emphasizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to feminism, and that women have the right to make choices about their bodies and their representation in media without judgment or shame.

This kind of freedom has always been important to Wrené in her art and as a woman. “I am extremely grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to be and to express myself without the fear of repression or consequence of violence,” she said. “The awareness of this fills me with liberation as I acknowledge my freedom to create and share art embodying the power of the sacred feminine.”

“In a society that has often silenced and marginalized women’s voices throughout history, the ability to express myself authentically is a gift I hold dear,” she continued. “It is a reminder of the progress we have made and a testament to the resilience of those who fought for the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.”

Through her unconventional song structure and experimentalism, Wrené mends the line between reality and surrealism in her work. A trifecta of unparalleled talent, Wrené is an actor, a poet, and a vocalist; the latter of which she is fluent in a multitude of singing techniques. Her creative flair for pushing genre boundaries and consistently infusing surrealism into her bodies of work pushes her to continually break ground on storytelling through song and performance. Each track she pens presents a story. And each story is told with the addition of foley sounds, original sounds, and subliminal messages.