Godfather of Canadian Punk Folk Movement, Toronto’s EUGENE RIPPER Releases “Folk Song 3000″/”Go Van Gogh” Announces World Tour

Pioneer of the punk rock fast folk movement, Eugene Ripper is back with an electrifying new single “Folk Song 3000” accompanied by the powerful B-side “Go Van Gogh” and series of shows for 2023. Steeped in the rich heritage of folk music infused with a contemporary twist, these tracks showcase Ripper’s distinctive song writing and musical prowess. Check them out on YouTube here:

Ripper’s artistic journey took an inspiring turn after a memorable conversation with legendary New York City folk artist Dave Van Ronk. Ripper was just beginning his solo career and delving into the craft of song writing. He looked to create a fresh approach as he experimented with old public domain folk tunes.

“For me, at the time, this approach was pure creative instinct. So given this opportunity – chatting with an American folk legend in a casual setting, I asked him if this was cool – working material like this… after all, this dude had knocked around Greenwich Village with the likes of Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Woody Guthrie. If anybody would know the score – he would,” says Ripper.

Listen on Spotify here: 

After chatting in the lounge of a folk festival, Van Ronk’s response became a guiding light for Ripper’s artistic journey. With that wisdom from the Greenwich Village legend in mind, Ripper set out on a path as a solo artist. “Folk Song 3000” exemplifies this artistic direction as a genre blending masterpiece featuring a classic New York trip-hop beat, Americana acoustic guitar licks, and vibrant Latin percussion. The lyrics pay homage to the tradition of folk storytelling while brilliantly updating it to a modern context.

In a touching punk folk tribute to Vincent Van Gogh’s life and artistry, “Go Van Gogh” emerges as a compelling B-side. Inspired during a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the song showcases Ripper’s sharp wordplay and distinctive phrasing. The driving drumbeat and bongos, courtesy of alternative rock legend Billy Ficca from the renowned band Television, add an irresistible groove to the track.

Ripper is a trailblazer in Canada’s punk folk scene. From his early days with Canada’s first-wave surf punk rockers in the band Stark Naked and the Fleshtones to his enduring solo career, Ripper has been a master of blending punk, folk, blues, rockabilly, and rock into a signature musical sound. Celebrated for his poignant song writing and a unique sound imbued with a DIY punk rock ethos, Ripper’s musical journey has seen him flourish from the Toronto punk scene to the muddy roots of Vancouver and the vibrant anti-folk scene of New York City’s East Village. “Folk Song 3000” and “Go Van Gogh” are a testament to Ripper’s unwavering dedication to crafting innovative and heartfelt music that captivates audiences across generations.

Eugene Ripper Tour Dates:

Sept 23 – Toronto, ON – Imperial

Sept 29 – Calgary, AB – Palomino

Sept 30 – Edmonton, AB – Black Dog (afternoon)

Sept 30 – Edmonton, AB – Blakbar (evening)

Oct 13 – Montreal, QC – Bar Fly

Oct 14 – Knowlton, QC – Thirsty Boot

Oct 21 – Mahone Bay, NS – Betty’s

Oct 26 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub

Oct 28 – Edinburgh, UK – Voodoo Rooms

Oct 31 – Burghausen, DE – Mathida

Nov 01 – Salzburg, AT – Whisky Museum

Nov 03 – Lyon, FR – Kraspek Myzik

Nov 04 – Freiburg, DE – Rock Club Eimer

Nov 08 – Nuremberg, DE – KV

Nov 09 – Munich, DE – Kooks

Nov 10 – Leipzig, DE-  Frau Graus

Nov 11 – Karschule, DE- Scruffy’s

Nov 12 – Berlin, DE-  KollectivBar

Nov 14 – Glasgow, UK – Bloc

Nov 15 – Inverness, UK – Market Bar

Nov 16 – Inverness, UK – Market Bar

Nov 18 – York, UK – 45 Cafe

Nov 19 – Hull, UK – Adelphi

Nov 21 – Edinburgh, UK – Sneaky Petes

Nov 23 – Leeds, UK – The Grove

Nov 24 – Darwen, UK – Number 35 LIVE

Nov 25 – Warmington, UK – The Cheshire

Nov 30 – Vancouver, BC – Fox Cabaret