Whitney Lyman – There is No Rule !

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Some people say that life is a party and part of the reason for that is a desire to live life to the fullest. In her newest single, “There Is No Rule”, Los Angeles-based pop singer Whitney Lyman encourages listeners to have fun while doing whatever makes them happy.

“There is No Rule” is the first single off Lyman’s upcoming album Love Spell, slated for an early 2024 release.

Production wise and lyrically, the song has influences that are reminiscent of Pink’s “God Is A DJ”. The song opens with a funky bass groove as Lyman sings and urges the listener to stoke their inner fire and do whatever they want.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1MzNpVibtGcQre2vdJEpLs?si=ggKoe3gVSomSRQ2Dm2P85Q

By the time the chorus comes in, the bass groove takes on a slight pop-rock vibe that makes the listener want to dance. Lyman’s lyrics do the same as she sings and tells the listener to let loose and enjoy themselves.

“Don’t ever fit inside the lines that somebody drew

There is no single road to find

There is no rule

(There is no rule)

If it makes you feel good

(There is no rule)

Even better than it should

Where the vibes are high as Snoop

Like dinner on the roof”

Lyman states that the song is partly inspired by her own desire to make something more lighthearted after moving to Los Angeles, California just before 2020 and then Palm Springs. “Earlier this year I had a chance to do a songwriting session with Jan Vávra from Czech Republic. He came out to my studio in Palm Springs, after hours of LA traffic. After a dip in the pool and some sparkling Rosé to refresh, together we decided to write a song that captured the vibe.”

Check out ‘There is No Rule” on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/Kmd2bt_dEhw 

Whitney Lyman, a multi-instrumentalist, has performed with standout Emerald City projects Pollens, the Seattle Rock Orchestra and Theoretics, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a featured vocalist with Grammy-nominated act Odesza. She released her debut solo record, Pleasure/Pain, in May 2018. 

Equal parts spiritual and forlorn introspection, the album was recorded at the famed London Bridge Studios and features myriad instrumentalists including the Grammy-winning violinist, Andrew Joslyn. It received acclaim from outlets like King5 News and Artist Home.

Whitney Lyman will be performing as a featured showcase artist at Mastering the Music Business in Bucharest, Romania September 5-7 2023. MMB, founded in 2016, is the first and biggest international music business conference and showcase festival in Romania. Dedicated to all music enthusiasts, MMB is the place where both independent artists and key music business professionals are offered the opportunity to meet with leading experts in the local and international industry.

For more on Whitney Lyman visit her website: https://www.whitneylyman.com/