Louisville, KY-Based Alt Rockers Feral Vices Capture Tumultuous Relationship Limbo With “Black As The Sea”

There’s nothing more torturous, and bittersweet, about being half in and half out of a relationship. Louisville, KY-based rockers Feral Vices capture that limbo with their dark, driving, metallic anthem “Black As The Sea” – check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/E4H2oFnIg0k

“Black As The Sea” chronicles a relationship that’s become soul-sucking, no matter how much the narrator also wishes he could stay:

You want to take it from me,
This hole’s as black as the sea
You want to take it from me,
But I would give it to you

“The song kind of rides the moment between the realization that you’re in a bad relationship but also still wanting to be with the other person,” Feral Vices explained. “It becomes this weird Purgatory-type place where you’re being pulled in two different directions, but inevitably are pulled into this place of resentment of not only the relationship, but everything.”

The writing of the track came from a personal place, and although it reads as an embittered love song, it was actually based on the loss of some meaningful friendships during a very difficult time. “It was about trying to come to terms with that,” the band said, “and if moving on was even the right thing to do.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/02qUxzl7FoqaXETyWxAdow?si=969324541d684d74&nd=1

A two-piece alternative rock band out of Louisville, KY, Feral Vices has created a sound and vibe all their own. Drawing from influences ranging from Queens of the Stone Age to Refused to The Jesus Lizard and even The Dillinger Escape Plan, lead singer and guitarist Alexander Hoagland and drummer Justin Cottner bring a sensibility to the world of two-piece bands not yet well-tread.

Constantly touring and releasing new music, the prolific duo have earned spots on the stage with bands like Four Year Strong, Microwave, and Save Face. As well as having their song “Mass Produce Your Revolution” as the end credits to the Scott Adkins and Ray Stevenson film Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday, Feral Vices is a band to keep an eye on.