Carlos Thurler’s Single ‘Divided’ Showcases a Powerful Fusion of Grunge, Britpop and Stoner Rock Influences

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Sometimes, it feels like everyone is on their own. When this happens, you can feel powerless to do anything to make your life better. However, the right call to action can motivate people to change things. Toronto-based rock artist Carlos Thurler rallies the people in his new single “Divided.”

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The song opens with a steady blues rock riff that hooks the listener right before Thurler comes in with gravelly vocals. The first verse establishes the song’s grim tone as it discusses how people try to stay sane in a hopeless world. As the chorus comes in, Thurler sings of how it might take the world burning before people come together to make a change.

“Til it all goes up in flames

It’s so hard to stand a chance

It’s been this way since we became so divided

All goes down the drain

It’s so hard to make amends

And it’s a shame that we became so divided

So divided…”

According to Thurler himself, the song was inspired by the stark reality we’ve been living in. While discussing his debut solo album Divided, he states, “Our society has been growing more polarized and more than ever people aren’t getting along. On songs like Divided and New Inquisition touch on this subject more directly.”

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 Taking up the guitar at age 14, Thurler soon started forming bands with high school friends, and later cut his teeth at the tribute band scene in his native Brazil. Years later, having accumulated a good deal of experience onstage, he would then go on to write and perform original songs with bands and solo artists.

In 2008 Thurler recorded a full-length album in Brazil with local indie band Monovida, before moving to London, UK, dedicating to honing his craft has led him to actively collaborate with local songwriters, seizing every opportunity to gain invaluable experience. By working closely with fellow creatives in his community, he has been able to explore different perspectives, experiment with diverse musical styles, and cultivate a unique sound that resonates with audiences today.

Later on, he moved to Toronto and became determined to produce a solo album after experiencing the 2020 pandemic and realizing that his initial career in marketing wasn’t his true passion.

Divided reflects many of Thurler’s biggest influences: From grunge, hard rock and stoner rock to Britpop and indie rock. The debut single of the same name is a strong, emotional track that grabs the listener’s attention, making him one to watch out for.