Trois Rivières’ Alt.Rockers Around Joshua Celebrates Love In “Baby Stardust”

New love can come in many forms, whether it be a new romantic relationship, a new friendship, or a newborn child. When this happens, everything feels like a fresh start filled with promise. Trois Rivières alt.rock band Around Joshua celebrate this newfound hope in their new single, “Baby Stardust”.

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The song opens with upbeat guitar riffs from guitarist and vocalist David Talbo as well as a steady drumbeat from Jean François Houde and keyboardist Marie Claude Chateauneuf and David Leclerc on bass guitar that makes the listener want to get up and dance. Then the song’s first verse comes in as Talbo sings of the bliss of waking up and starting the day with someone he loves. The words “I’m ready to begin” serve as the hook that leads into the song’s jubilant chorus.

“Baby, baby stardust

Tears falling down

You choosing us”

The next verses discuss the physical and emotional intimacy of being with someone they love and using that love to create a family. The anticipation associated with the latter is enhanced with the words “Soon you’re coming” before the chorus comes in again.

In fact, the band confirms that the song is about having a new family, stating, “Baby Stardust” was written in Trois Rivières, my hometown, I wrote it after meeting my girlfriend and it was kind of a message about starting a family, having kids and the spiritual journey it would be.”

Enhancing the song’s emotions is a music video that shows the band playing as kids play around in a bedroom and outdoors. Although shot in black and white, the song’s joy and anticipation make it colorful. Furthermore, the music video’s lack of color gives it a classic rock vibe reminiscent of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

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Around Joshua displays a strong influence from the Britpop movement that is showcased through the band’s melodies that fuse alternative rock and pop rock. Their sound is often compared to the bands Muse, Placebo and Snow Patrol.

Their debut album, “”Cassiopeiae Noks”, was produced by Jordon Zadorozny and featured the single, “Same Star” which was included on the soundtrack of the American film “Rehab”, produced by David Caruso (C.S.I Miami). Following this, the RDS sports network decided to play the singles “Eternally”, “Hold On” and “Sometime” before every Montreal Canadiens field hockey game.

In 2019, their second album “The Trees Are Singing” was released. It was produced by Mike Fraser, who is known for his work with the bands AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Franz Ferndinand. It was named one of the best Canadian rock albums of 2019 by Canadian Music Blog.

After taking 2020 and 2021 to regroup with a new lineup and joining the label The Noise Shack.