Meet the Diversified and Talented David Rix

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

David comes from career, he has worked as a director, actor, singer, musical artist, screenwriter and more. 

In 2012, he directed Emil’s production of The Sound of Music, a collaboration that has continued ever since. The Phantom of the Opera is his ninth musical sitting in the director’s chair. David has also been on stage in most of the Entertainment Patrol’s productions at KristianstadsTeater, most recently in School of Rock. He is also very current with Kristianstad, Sweden and is a multitasker in culture. 

In his diversified his participation in Kabaret Kulan at Vinbäcken this summer.

This year will be his second year of being featured at the Lilla By Festivalen in Sweden. The festival has been gaining notoriety this year for a host of legendary and talented people.

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