Malin Östh Band Set to Award Jazz Scholarship in Rinkaby, Sweden

Submitted by Sandy Graham

The Åhus-based Malin Östh Band has had performance after performance 

sold out during their gigs through Skåne.

Kiviks Hotell, Café Årum, Jazz Club Blue Bird, Vinterlust, Borgen in Osby 

and Kristianstads Teaterförening are some of the venues in the local area 

that have taken part in the band’s performances.

The band was formed in autumn 2018 and plays swing and jazz.

In their diversified repertoire they cover Alice Babs, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, 

Stacey Kent, Barbara Streisand, Rigmor Gustafsson, Lisa Nilsson and Sonya 

Hedenbratt to name a few. Malin Östh Band performs these versions with passion and fervour. 

Check them out on YouTube here:

The band is wonderfully experienced of their respective instruments and deliver their repertoire this you will most certainly hear your favorites or one that will become your favorite!

They will also award their Jazz Scholarship as part of their appearance at the Lilla By Festival in Rinkaby, Sweden. Mirijam Isokäntää Andersson will receive the Association Jazz Scholarship 2023 on Friday August 25th at 4pm at the opening ceremony at

This is Jazz at its best and whether you are a fan of that genre or not they are truly one you should not miss listening to or seeing live.

The band consists of Malin Östh (vocals)

Leif Ågren (saxophone and clarinet)

Lennart Svensson (piano)

Bengt Isaksson (drums)

Pelle Fredrikson (double bass)

Tommy Svensson (guitar) and bandleader