Montreal-Based Alt. Rock Band The Nolas Capture The Latin Spirit In “Mexico”

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and this is especially true with rock music. Rock music originally came from genres such as gospel, blues, and country. For Montreal-based alternative rock band The Nolas, their new single “Mexico” captures a Latin spirit. Check on YouTube here:

 The song opens with an upbeat surf rock riff reminiscent of The Beach Boys before settling down to a relaxed Latin rock vibe that leads into the first verse. With two exceptional lead singers, blending melodies and styles to create an unforgettable musical experience, Manny Agostino sings of relaxing with senoritas and margaritas. This leads into the chorus, elevated by the surf rock riff that comes afterwards.

“Come on take a ride with me

Sail across the deep blue sea

We’ll walk the shore

Where ladies they dance”

In fact, the song was inspired by a vacation. The band says, “A transformative trip immersed in the vibrant energy of Mexico sparked The Nolas’ creativity for the song “While strumming his classical nylon string guitar, Manny came up with a captivating chord progression. The lyrics that ensued effortlessly flowed into the music, drawing from the impressions left by that voyage.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 Originally formed in 2013, The Nolas are an alternative rock band founded by Joey Tiano (Drums & Vox) and Immanuel (Manny) Agostino (Guitar & Vox). They were later joined by Fil (Bass, Back-Up Vox), Mark (Guitar, Back-Up Vox) and Peter aka The Magic Man before releasing their first EP in 2015.

Their first single, “So Fine” was featured on ReverbNation’s Crowd Picks in addition to receiving airplay on radio stations such as HOT 97.7 MTL ROCKS, 94.7 Hits FM Future Hits, and CMR Spotlight Song of the Week.

Meanwhile, their second single “Dance The Night Away” debuted on CBC Radio3’s Top 30 of Dec 2015 and hit the Top 25 in Jan 2016.

In 2021, they released their most popular song to date, “Johnny”. It received airplay on satellite and FM radio stations in Canada and internationally on stations such as CBC Radio 2 and Planet Rock Radio UK.