Mike Bern’s Thunderous ‘Reverberation’ Showcases The Healing Journey of the Sweat Lodge

New Brunswick-based Indigenous singer/songwriter Mike Bern rides a thunderous wave of chart-topping hits with his latest groovy song about the healing journey of the sweat lodge, “Reverberation”. 

Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npEhCZ6bKI0

Already transcending artistic barriers with acclaimed international success and four singles charting on the Indigenous Music Countdown (including his most recent ‘no words for goodbye’ hitting #1), Mike Bern latest hit transports listeners on a musical journey filled with catchy synths, melodic folk riffs, and infectious percussion.

Among the many qualities that have garnered streams worldwide, Bern’s ability to connect his culture to his art is the reason he has so many people talking. “The drum and chanting to bring the spirits into the ceremony,” explains Bern. “The drum is the heartbeat of mother earth & creation of all living things.”

In his new single “Reverberation,” Bern merges his traditional folk acoustic melodies with an ethereal soundscape to bring the meditative experience of the sweat lodge to life.

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“In the lodge, you are sitting at the center of four directions,” says Bern. “In the ceremony, you pray to all directions in which they all represent. Songs and prayers are offered during the ceremony. And the beat and the beat will roll on.”

A sentiment reflected in the lyrical composition of “Reverberation,” a song that somehow rides the razors-edge between a radio-ready hit and deeply emotional folk tune.

“Face the east where the suns born

Awake these bones my father

And the beat

And the beat

Will roll on.”

Hailing from Tobique First Nation, NB-based Indigenous singer/songwriter Mike Bern has been carving his own path in music after departing as the singer of award-winning bands like Kickin Krotch and District Avenue.

Bern’s artistry has also been showcased at the 2018 Olympic Games, along with multiple Native American Music Awards nominations. During his stint as a raspy rock vocalist before going solo, Bern also had the charting single “Mother First,” which rose on the Indigenous Music Countdown list. He has also played more prominent stages, opening up for bands like Seaway, The Trews, One Bad Son, and The Motorleague.

Mike Bern’s latest ode to Indigenous culture and Canadian music history, “Reverberation,” is available now.