Victoria-Based Folk Artist Aaron Wylder Crafts A West-Coast Ode With ‘Woman’

Victoria, British Columbia-based artist Aaron Wylder melds his West-Coast charm and sense of musical exploration to create an ode to the one with his coming-of-age song “Woman.” Check it out on YouTube here:

The blazing new single from Wylder’s upcoming EP The King Of My Own Heart is about the internal gears that shift to make a man want to find something deeper in his relationships. “I try to write what I hear in my head and what I feel in my chest,” says Wylder. “It’s a damn cool thing to write a song that not only you love but speaks to others as well.”

The King Of My Own Heart is a collection of songs about the trials and tribulations of life and brimming with harmonic personality. “I try to get better and better with every record. I try to grow my sound while exploring new ones,” says Wylder, who describes his music-writing process as constant trial and error. “Licks turn into jams, and jams turn into new songs. This is how it works, at least for me. In terms of inspiration, each song has its own unique meaning.”

“Woman” came together during a rainy cold Vancouver Island winter day as he reflected on his past relationships and experiences. “Damn, it is hard to find the person for you, If I’m honest. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself, but you also learn about what you want in a partner. For me, it was realizing that I am ready for a real woman.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Wylder is anything but conventional in his approach to storytelling, which anchors his lyricism somewhere between a parable as much a cautionary tale of self-exploration.

“Deep down in the eye of the hurricane

My chest just keeps on burning

I got half a heart of love

The others waiting to fill up

Ask me what’s the point

I need a woman.”

Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Wylder is a Canadian singer-songwriter based out of Victoria, British Columbia. He can be found most often with a guitar in his hands. Wylder’s musical cadence is inspired by the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Townes Van Zandt.

Nothing motivates Wylder more than the prospect of creating resonating songs. “If I’m able to make music that I enjoy and people enjoy it too, then I’ll die a happy man.”

Aaron Wylder’s latest single, “Woman,” from the highly-anticipated new EP The King Of My Own Heart is available now.