Guitarist/Singer/Composer Don Ross Continues To Inspire With “Three Views Of A Secret”

Acclaimed Canadian Guitarist/Singer/ComposerDon Ross has released his highly anticipated single, “Three Views of a Secret,” the second track off his newly released album Water. The single features an awe-inspiring display of Ross’s virtuosic solo guitar skills, beautifully complemented by the inimitable bass work of Michael Manring and the rich orchestration by Atlantic String Machine. 

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 Three Views of a Secret is a breathtaking rendition of Jaco Pastorius’ classic composition originally featured on his Word of Mouth album released in 1981. For years, Ross had promised himself that he would arrange a solo guitar version of the song, and he has now delivered a powerful and moving performance.

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 “I’ve loved this classic Jaco Pastorius composition since I first bought a copy of his Word of Mouthalbum in 1981,” says Ross.

“I promised myself a few years back that I would arrange a solo guitar version of it, and finally did recently. Then, I asked the amazing Michael Manring to add some of his inimitable bass work, and then had the Atlantic String Machine play a bit of orchestration I wrote inspired by Jaco’s big band arrangement.”

Born and raised in Montreal, Ross started his music career in 1988 and has since then won several prestigious awards and recognition for his innovative music style. He has toured extensively and released multiple albums both independently and on various record labels, including Narada Records and Sony Music/Columbia Records.

Ross’s upcoming album, Water, is a testament to his artistic genius and his ability to seamlessly blend different styles and genres. Water features collaborations with musical friends such as Bruce Cockburn, Brooke Miller, Sean Hall, Atlantic String Machine, and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ross is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and his talents extend beyond playing regular pitched guitar, baritone guitar, and bass to composing all the orchestrations on the album. His goal with this project was to create a thoroughly modern version of a Don Ross album, and he achieved this feat by financing the ambitious project with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Water is set to be released in 2023 on Ross’s label imprint, GFM. “Three Views of a Secret” is available on all major streaming platforms.